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Milk and Cookies is a song made by Toad and Ray Cheesy. This song is about Toad being "obsessed" with milk and cookies.


(Verse 1: Toad) Milk And Cookies I eat it all day You say that I'm frooty But I ain't gay Addicted to cookies Like it was crack Walk in the kitchen To fix me a snack Album called Milk And Cookies You skipped school I played hooky Chugging the milk Never taking sips Got a sugar rush So i'm doing flips Chips ahoy! Oreo I spilt milk All on my clothes It's all in my Underwear I made a mess All on the floor I eat and sleep So i'm super lazy So many cookies I've been going crazy Stomach big Like i'm having A baby Milk mustache looks Looks just like Rabbies


(Verse 2: Ray Cheesy) It's Ray Cheesy Where's the chocolate Sugar rush got me Blasting off Like rockets Chain on my neck Looks like a locket Cookie crumbs All in my pocket What I eat for lunch Is Milk And Sugar I even got chocolate Flavored boogers I'm chef cheesy I'm the cooker My cookies cost more Than a hooker If you eat my cookies I'ma get rude I get mad if I don't have food I am not your Average dude I eat until my face Turns blue Cookies are my Favorite snack Cook my cookies till They crispy black Eat until I overdose You catch me Passed out on the floor


The video has over 5 million views as of December 31st, 2017, and was released on September 11th, 2012. You are still able to purchase this song on iTunes. It is featured in an iTunes Album as well, the album's title is Milk and Cookies, this song was also the most popular SML song until "Why?" by Jeffy surpassed it.



  • In the 1:48 mark, Logan's little sister, Haleigh, can be seen running by on the right side of the screen.


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