Mine! is the 84th video of SML Movies.


A pesky bird gets inside the house and causes trouble!


Chef Pee Pee fixes the ultimate meal - an M&M's sandwich with Lay's chips, an orange, and a Sprite. When he goes to sit down at the table to eat, he is disrupted by Shrek, who just finished his cheesecake. Shrek tells Chef Pee Pee the cheesecake was delicious and proceeds to go to the bathroom. On his way out of the kitchen, he asks Chef Pee Pee to put his plate away and farts right in his face. Disgusted, Chef Pee Pee runs to open a window, allowing fresh air into the kitchen. After relieving himself of the horrible stench, Chef Pee Pee returns to the table to eat his wonderful sandwich.

While he is busy, a bird enters the house from the window. As the exhausted chef begins devouring the meal, the bird proclaims that it is his. Chef Pee Pee irritably tries to get the bird to leave, and manages to get a few seconds of peace by throwing a piece of bread out the window for it to catch. When the bird returns, the frustrated chef leaves to another area of the kitchen, hoping to get peace and quiet. Unfortunately for him, the bird once again returns yearning for his sub. Chef Pee Pee decides to leave the kitchen completely, aggravated.

Meanwhile, Bowser enters his bedroom preparing to watch a new episode of Charleyyy and Friends. He looks around for the remote to turn the television on but he cannot find it. Upon hearing the bird's voice, Bowser turns to face it. He then openly threatens the bird, ultimately scaring it away. If not for the fact that he is lazy and watching Charleyyy and Friends, Bowser intends to chase after the bird for what it did to him.

In the playroom, Bowser Junior was playing with his trains when he noticed a My Little Pony toy. After being disgusted by it, he notices the bird, which he nicknames Toucan Sam, trying to declare the Thomas train his belonging. Junior offers to play trains with the bird, asking him to play with The Ugly Red One (referring to Salty). However, since the bird would rather play with Thomas, Junior starts complaining because he thinks the bird is trying to claim the blue train. After an argument, Junior and the bird go into the kitchen to bother Chef Pee Pee, who was attempting to cook a fish for Bowser. Junior informs his chef about how the bird was bothering him and wouldn't give his train back when the bird starts a craze for the fish. Junior tries to convince Chef Pee Pee to give the fish to the bird to get Thomas back, but the chef did not want to give away the only dinner he had prepared. Junior insisted, and the fish was given to the bird, who left Thomas back in Junior's possession. After the bird finally left and stopped bothering them, Junior tells Chef Pee Pee that Thomas needs "fish", which causes Chef Pee Pee to throw a tantrum.




  • When Chef Pee Pee grabs the sandwich that he made, there is a can of Sprite next to it, but he forgets to grab it. It's possible that the Sprite wasn't his.
  • Despite being an SML Movie, it is a long as a SML Short, like Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun.