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The Mini Mushroom is the opposite of the Super Mushroom in The SML Universe, When eatened it shrinks it's consumer small enough to crawl under doors and is first shown in Shrek's Bath Problem! When Mario Became trapped in the Bathroom with Shrek when the Door became "Jammed" While Toad hears commotions in The Bathroom and when he failed to open The Door on the outside he called a Locksmith, And when the Locksmith failed to open the Bathroom Door since it is a Class-A Deadbolt and most people's don't use them on Bathroom (Which is true as most Bathroom Locks are Spring Locks), He then attempted to open the Lock with a Plastic Spatula and later a Wooden Ruler but then Toad got the Idea to give Mario a Mini Mushroom so he can crawl Under The Bathroom Door, But when The Locksmith ask him how they're going to do that, Toad Fit the Mushroom under the door in which Mario ate it and shrunk down to just small enough to crawl through The Bathroom Door and regained his normal size while Toad said that he was "You look so cute Tiny" While the Locksmith asks him how it was even physically possible.

In Jeffy Gets Stung By A Bee!, Mario and Brooklyn T. Guy use it to remove the Banana Butterfly from Jeffy's body.

Jeffy used a Mini Mushroom in Jeffy's Cat Piano Problem! to enter Mario's ear to control his brain, and ask Rosalina where his cat piano is.


The Mini Mushroom looks Like a Blue Shiitake/Toadstool Mushroom with White circle Spots and are notably Smaller than all the Mushrooms in The Games.


The Mini Mushroom when consumed shrinks the Consumer into a Mini Version of Himself/Herself, Judging on The Size of The Hole found at the Bottom of Most Bathroom Door the Estimated Size of The Consumer after eating the Mini Mushroom will be anywhere around 3 Centimeters to 1 Inch in Height and Based around the Weight Formula He would weigh 0.1 Pound and the fact that he need tilt his head down in order to get out likely marks him as 3 Centimeters Long as 3 cm equals to 1.181 Inches While Mario is 5'1 but Claims to be 5'6 1/2 in Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures Episode 1 And Toad is Slightly Shorter than him also means that Toad's Estimated Height is 5'0 to 5'3 while with Mario's Real Height is 5'1, Toad's Estimated Height will be 4'8 to 4'11 as he is shown to be still a Child since he hangs out with Bowser Junior and Mario when shrunken will be about the Size of Toad's Shoe, And Mario's Voice became Squeeky like a Child's Voice.


  • There was an error as Mario Regained his normal Size after coming out of the Bathroom however in The Games you need to eat a Big Mushroom in order to regain your size or it is different in The SuperMarioLogan Universe.
  • Shiitake is A Mushroom Native to East Asia and is Considered a Medicine Mushroom, The Designs of The Goomba is Based on Shiitake Mushroom.
  • Toadstool Mushroom is Basically A Large Mushroom with a Red Cap along with White Dots and is The Base design for Toad's Mushroom Cap and The Big Mushroom.


  • A person this size can be easily Crushed by something
  • Strength, Speed, And Endurance is significantly Reduced due to Size
  • Can be picked up by an enemy


  • Can crawl through Tiny Spaces
  • Can't be seen easily
  • Can Jump Really High into the air

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