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"Get the fuck out.... You two are evicted as FUCK! GET THE FUCK OUT!"
— Goodman's catchphrase

Mister (Mr) [2]  Goodman is one of the main antagonists in SuperMarioLogan. He usually cusses (mainly using "fuck" or any form of the word) in every sentence. He is the arch-enemy of Black Yoshi and Tyrone. He is the wealthiest character in SML, and loves his Lamborghini. He is known for his countless number of jobs, sometimes having them all at the same time.

He was the head police chief since 2009 and was the landlord of the apartment complex. He's now the owner of GoFundMe, Walmart, Nintendo, Domino's Pizza, and Goodman's Bank and Trust.


Goodman is the richest character next to King Strongbottom in the SML series. But because of that, he tends to be very rude and overreacting. He's always trying to get money, even if it means suing companies for no reasons. And whenever a person is late on paying their debt to him, he flips out, insults them, and says they fucked him. He is a complete tyrant and will constantly bully Mario and even threaten him with cruel and unusual punishments since he believes his wealth makes him immune to the law. These threats include sewing his scrotum to Mario’s mouth, tearing off Mario’s nipples by giving him a purple nurple and then eating them, chopping Mario’s testicles into tiny pieces, and stretching Mario’s nipples out to use as a jump rope. He claims that he threatens to do these things to give Mario a visual of the pain he causes Goodman every time he inconveniences him. He also has a bit of a stupid side as well. For example, he self harmed himself by squeezing his scrotum when Mario asked him for $15,000 to bail Black Yoshi out of prison. He is fully aware that he is a bad person and it physically pains him whenever he does something nice, such as when he finished paying off Mario’s house for him after winning the lottery using a ticket he stole from Mario. Despite the fact that Goodman treats Mario terribly, Mario still considers him a friend, as stated in The Diamond!.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Jobs
  • Big watermelon balls
  • Being rich
  • Swearing
  • Looking at how rich he is
  • His Lamborghini
  • Mario’s nipples
  • Performing strange acts with his ballsack
  • His new black “elephant asshole” suit
  • Being richer than he already is
  • Jeffy
  • Mario (franchise)
  • Money
  • Doubling his money
  • Torturing Everyone (a lot)
  • Killing people (including Mario) who missed their payments
  • Lying


  • Crimes (despite committing crimes himself)
  • Criminals (despite being a criminal himself)
  • Lack of Money
  • Drug Dealers
  • Little tic tac balls
  • Mario (character)
  • Chainsaws in apartments
  • Someone not making a house payment (usually Mario)
  • Prank calls
  • People trying to "fuck" him
  • His wife
  • Being poor
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Cheerios
  • Stuffings
  • Carrot pepper pants
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Junior
  • Bubbles
  • Being broke
  • Men marrying Gold Diggers
  • Being asked for money
  • Thanksgiving
  • Telling the truth

Death Count


  • News reporter (mostly)
  • Police commissioner
  • Teacher
  • GameStop employee
  • Business owner
  • Judge
  • CEO of GoFundMe (Offered to change it to GoFuckMe in Black Yoshi's Scam!)
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor (rarely)
  • Bankering Home Employee
  • Importer Deals co-founder
  • TV repair man
  • Owner of Goodman Bank and Trust
  • Clerk
  • Senior Citizen Nursing Home Employee
  • Locksmith
  • Genie
  • Movie theater usher
  • TV presenter
  • Host of The Dr. Goodman Show
  • Police commissioner
  • Landlord of the Apartment Complex and Mario's house
  • Host of The World's Smartest Person Contest
  • Chef
  • CEO of Walmart
  • CEO of Domino's Pizza
  • CEO of Nintendo
  • Couples Wedding host
  • Superintendent of Special Needs Schooling


  • Goodman is portrayed by the Sunny Toys Dad puppet.
  • Goodman was the first puppet character introduced.
  • Goodman is Lance’s favorite character. He is also among Logan’s favorite characters as long as he does not have to hold back on inappropriate jokes with him.
  • According to a character Q&A on Lance’s channel, Goodman’s first name is “Mister”.
  • He may be bisexual, as shown through certain threats he’s placed on Mario.
    • In Nintendo Switch, he threatens to bite Mario’s nutsack off.
    • In The Diamond!, he threatens to sew his ballsack to Mario’s mouth.
    • According to a character Q&A on Lance’s channel, one of the reasons Goodman makes these threats (particularly the ballsack-related ones) is because he has a collection of people’s severed testicles, which he calls his “ball jar,” and he wants to add to his collection. Another reason he makes these threats is so he can give people a visual of the pain they cause him by missing their house payments.
      • According to the same video, he shoves an unsolved Rubik’s Cube up his anus every time he goes to Mario’s house to collect his monthly house payment. If Mario doesn’t have his house payment, Goodman feels like he has been “fucked” hard enough for the Rubik’s Cube to get solved while it is in his ass.
  • In Black Yoshi's In Trouble, it is revealed that Goodman has a credit card reader in his mouth when Mario pays him for Black Yoshi's $5,000 bail.
  • As the series has progressed, Goodman’s voice has gotten less deep and closer to Lance’s natural voice.
  • He has the second most jobs in the SML universe, first being Brooklyn T. Guy.
  • He is the second most swearing character next to Jeffy.
  • In his earlier appearances Goodman was calm although unprofessional.
  • Goodman may have some Japanese heritage as one of his companies Goodman Bank & Trust is located in Japan, but this could be non-canon.
  • In his first appearance back in 2009, he was a regular police officer and he didn't say his catchphrase "Mkay".
  • He is one of the most common recurring characters in SuperMarioLogan's videos.
  • According to some fans, his voice and his catchphrase "m'kay" are inspired by Mr. Mackey from South Park as both say it at the end of their sentences. This is further fueled by his “drugs are bad, m’kay” speech, another trope used by Mr. Mackey, and their voices sound somewhat similar to each other.
  • He stated that he has 12 identical brothers.
  • Like The Brooklyn Guy, Goodman has several jobs.
  • In most of his recent videos like Bowser Junior's Painting! or Bowser Junior's Credit Card!, he seems to curse and say words like fuck, which are uncensored by Logan, Goodman used at the end of the video. This is a reference to the South Park episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken", where Colonel Sanders says to Eric Cartman "Just remember, I only tell you one time. Don't fuck me, Eric. Don't you ever try to fuck me." (Probably forgotten or not done on purpose.)
  • In Bowser Junior's Credit Card!, Goodman has the longest quote in the history of SML 
  • In the World's Smartest Person Competition, he had a habit of calling Jackie Chu racist names, such as "Ping-Pong table", "sweet sour chicken" and "Bing Bong".
  • In Mario And Bowser's Stupid And Crazy Adventures, Goodman takes Mario and Peach's baby after Sonic is killed until he was shot by Black Yoshi.
  • As of Black Yoshi's Scam!, Goodman now wears a black suit that was supposedly made from elephant asshole.
  • He has had a total of 27 jobs.
  • It is revealed in Black Yoshi's Black Friday!, that Goodman spends every thanksgiving looking at his bank account because his family only wants him for money.
  • In The Fender Bender!, the Goodman with his black suit is actually a different puppet.
  • His cussing has been toned down significantly since YouTube began cracking down on Logan’s videos.
  • In his first appearances with his black suit, Goodman's hair was shorter, but in recent videos, his hair is a bit longer.
  • As of July 2017, Goodman doesn't use his catchphrase "M'kay" unless he does his ”breaking news, m’kay” spiel.
  • He is an organ donor. [1]
  • In the past 6 years Goodman used to be calm and not rude to other people.
    • Since 2017, he is rude, rich and yells a lot everytime in when he shows up in a video except when he does the news.
    • He is one of the most evil SML movie characters, along with Does Bad Things Guy.
    • Goodman was originally voiced by Zeke, a long time friend of logans.


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