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The Mushroom is an item in the Mario Series, and the SML Series. It First appeared in Toad's Mistake 2 from a Super Mushroom which Completely Healed Toad after he was being Chased by Black Yoshi For Playing his Call Of Duty. It is used again by Bowser Junior to help Chef Pee Pee recover from his injuries from Chain Chomp in Bowser Junior's Dog!, Although it's a Mushroom, There are some Subspecies of Mushrooms in The SML Universe as Well,


It is Eaten by SML Characters to Recover from Injuries Regardless of Pain or Body Condition, It acts like an SML Version of The Senzu Bean from Dragon Ball Z, For Informations on The Mini Mushroom Click Here, And for Information on The Super Mushroom Just Scroll Down.


The Mushroom appears as a Red Toadstool/Shiitake Mushroom, The Super Mushroom is seen in Toad's Mistake 2, and it looks almost the same as The Regular Mushroom, only larger.


It was Described by Chef Pee Pee that The Mushroom tasted very Good and that it instantly healed him when he should be in a Hospital, It is presumed That it can be Eaten as a Snack, It heals any wound/Pain to the Person who eats it However The Super Mushroom Completely heals the Consumer and makes Them Invincible for a Short While.


  • Despite it being able to Heal any Wound and Injury, In The Game, The Mushroom just makes Small Mario into Big Mario.
  • The Mushroom shares many similarities to Senzu Beans from The Dragon Ball Franchise as both Items when Consumed heals The Consumer with The Exception That The Mushroom tasted better and Vegeta in One Episode, Saying that Senzu Beans taste like Fish.
  • On Toad's Mistake 2 when Mario accidentally drop the mushroom, Toad just gone back to his normal size. It is unknown why it was a big mushroom instead a small one.