Nintendo Game Systems is the 2nd overall video of SuperMarioLogan.


Mario shows us all the Nintendo consoles he owns.


Mario says hello to the viewers and showing his Nintendo Game Systems. Mario shows his first game system ever, the Nintendo NES. Then he shows the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Then goes to the GameCube and says "I have a lot of sports games on this one." Then he goes to the Nintendo 64. Then he shows the viewer his most favorite console that came out last year, the Nintendo Wii and says that he has lots of cool games. Mario goes down and opened the cabinet to show all of his games, he shows his Super Mario Galaxy: Collector Coin that he got, then he takes out the normal Super Mario Galaxy and says "The best video game on earth." He said it cool and can be player Luigi, but don't like him. Mario says bye bye then the camera turn off. 



  • This is the 2nd SML video.
  • The SNES Logan owns is actually the SNES model SNS-101, also known as SNES 2 or SNES Jr.