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"Non-Stop 2 Trailer" is an episode of "season 0" of SBL Plays.


Marshall is walking around when he gets a text saying that a mysterious person hijacked a plane, and will kill someone on it every twenty minutes. Marshall jumps into action. Marshall runs through traffic to get to it faster. Marshall steals a car to get there faster, but crashes the car into something and flies out. Marshall gets another car, and takes it, and drives into the airport where he is hit by a plane. Marshall isn't stopped and follows the plane. Marshall crashes into the plane on purpose, and destroys it and drives off. Marshall leaves, only to get a text saying he destroyed the wrong plane. Marshall then heads back to the airport. Marshall steals another plane and tries to stop the actual plane. Marshall fails and crashes into the ocean. Marshall escapes the plane, and attempts to swim to the surface, but is brutally murdered by a shark.



  • This video was made in Grand Theft Auto 5
    • It is currently the only video with a plot to do so