Party in the Tub is a song made by Bubbles and Toad about them taking a bath. It has over 1,600,000 views as of July 2017. It is possibly a parody of the rapper 50 cent's In Da Club.


  • Yeah
  • Hey Toad
  • What?
  • It's time to take a BATH!
  • Okay!
  • Yeah,
  • It's Toad!
  • Blowing big bubbles
  • In the tub!
  • Rubba dub dub
  • All you see is the
  • SUDS!
  • Gettin no love
  • Got pushed in the mud
  • Sittin in the tub
  • Just chillin with my
  • BUD!
  • Tub so big
  • It's like i'm
  • Swimming in a
  • POOL!
  • Some people say
  • I'm a nerd
  • But i'm cool
  • Got some new soap
  • So i'm feeling super lucky
  • About to get squeaky clean
  • Bathing with
  • MR. DUCKY!!!
  • It's a party in the tub
  • Everybody's naked
  • The soap so yummy
  • It taste like bacon
  • Gotta take two baths
  • Cause i'm covered in kooties
  • I'm chillin in the tub
  • Cause i gotta clean my
  • BOOTY!!!
  • It's a party in the tub
  • All you see is bubbles
  • I made a big mess
  • So i'm about to
  • Get in trouble!
  • But I don't really care
  • Cause we havin fun!
  • The bath ain't over
  • Cause the party just begun!
  • All you see is
  • BUBBLES! (x11)
  • I'm booty butt naked
  • About to get in the tub
  • It's a party in the tub
  • You would think it's a club
  • I'm swimming in a tub
  • And we playing shark
  • Made a bubble in the tub
  • Cause I really had to
  • FART!
  • I'm new on the block
  • Fresh out of jail
  • Had no cash so my
  • Momma had to paid my bail
  • Swagga so cold
  • And my lyrics dope
  • If you want your
  • Manhood then don't
  • All you see is bubbles
  • So all you see is me
  • I've been itching all day
  • I think I got fleas
  • I got soap in my eye
  • Man I can't see
  • The water taste weird
  • Toad did you just pee?


This song is available on iTunes on the album 'Milk and Cookies', named after the song of the same name.


In the Beginning Logan uses his Goldie International Toad but in the bath he uses his Mario Party 5 Toad.

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