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Princess Peach (also known simply as Peach) is a classic character in the SuperMarioLogan series. She is Mario's ex-wife, and acts as a former main character and hero, and currently a minor antagonist. She was married to Mario at one point, before she divorced him over his bald head. She is a really big gold digger. She was also the main antagonist of Mario's Valentines Day Problem!.


This plush used for Peach is from the Mario Party 5 plush series by Sanei and Hudson Soft, which can go for around $20 to $50 online.


Peach is almost ALWAYS kidnapped by Bowser. At the end of Season 1, Peach discovered she was pregnant and started being a diva to Mario. (Though he claimed it was her love.) When she gave birth, her baby turned out to be a striking resemblance of Bowser. Black Yoshi shot him, and then Peach falls in love with him to says I love you.

She gave birth to her baby in SML Movie: Mario And Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure. Episode 6.

Although she used to like Mario, she is considered as a villain because she has jerk-like traits. Such as she is ungrateful to the people who save her and divorced from Mario because he is bald. She also almost POISON LOVED him for good reason in Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures just because Black Yoshi saved her one time when he has saved her hundreds of times. She currently hates Mario just for his bald head.



Mario and Peach used to be married but when she found out Mario was bald she divorced him.


Bowser used to kidnap Peach all the time in the earlier videos but he stopped doing it for reasons unknown. They "smash and dash" on occasion.


Peach and Sonic dated for a while but Sonic broke up with her because she was too clingy.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Mario (formerly)
  • Baby Princess Peach
  • Sonic (formerly)
  • Hair
  • Money
  • Guns
  • Goodman (they might team up and conquer the world)
  • Crimes
  • Drugs
  • Bank robberies
  • Theft



  • She divorced Mario for being bald and then she was dating Sonic who lied to us about being fast which means that Sonic stole Mario's girl with lying.
  • Peach acts like a spoiled brat in Mario's Valentines Day Problem!.
  • It is revealed that Peach dislikes Star Bursts as shown in Mario's Valentines Day Problem!.
  • It is unknown if she would come back in the future; possibly The SuperMarioLogan Movie.
  • Her bedroom is the exact same as Bowser Junior's old bedroom.
  • Peach is considered to be one of the worst characters by many fans.


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