Pink Escalade is a song made by Ray Cheesy and Toad.


The video has over a million views and was released on March 10th, 2012.


Toad: Yeahhhh! It's Toad, with my pink escalade!! I think I got a booger in my nose, don't know how to get it out. MILK, MILK MILK!! Toad riding clean thinking about some lima beans! Just came out the closet, with a pair of jeans! Looking so cool when I'm riding on dubs! Look in the trunk all you see is some subs! I'm headed to the club aka the backyard! I stay with the stacks like a new deck of cards! Them haters say I'm gay well haters gonna HATE! When they see me riding clean in my pink escalade.

My pink escalade, my pink escalade, my pink escalade, my pink escalade my pink escalade, my pink escalade! Riding real clean and they think that I'm paid! And my speakers go Boom boom, Boom boom, Boom boom, Boom boom, Boom boom, Boom boom, Boom boom. On the streats going zoom zoom, zoom zoom, zoom zoom, zoom zoom, zoom zoom zoom zoom...

Ray Cheesy: Its ray cheesy, ice cream is creamy. Catch me in my sleep still fighting off the shadows. Chain on my neck gone look at da rocks! I'm wit your girlfriend cuz she like my new socks. Snot look green like my nose full of veggies. And my booty really itchy like toad gave me a wedgie. Black shades on sipping on some minute maid! You can catch me ridin clean in a pink escalade.

My pink escalade x7 Riding real clean and they think that I'm payed! And the speakers go boom boom x7 On the street, going zoom, zoom x7 *CRASH*

SML Note: Don't Dance and Drive


  • The Pink Escalade is owned by Logan's little sister, Haleigh, as you can tell from the license plate.
  • Lovell showed off the Pink Escalade at a Car Show at Tate High School on SuperLuigiLogan

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