Pokemon (series)
The cut scene of Pokemon Part 6.


Dark comedy


Logan Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton
Lance Thirtyacre


December 1, 2014 - present



Pokemon is a SuperMarioLogan series. It focuses on Bowser Junior's Pokemon journey, and to pursue his dream of becoming a Pokemon master. Bowser Junior, along with his friends and colleagues, have a crazy Pokemon adventure together.



Bowser Junior wishes Pokemon was real!

List of Episodes

No. of episode Name Air date
1 Pokemon Part 1 December 1, 2014
Bowser Junior wishes Pokemon was real!
2 Pokemon Part 2 December 18, 2014
Bowser Junior gets his first gym badge!
3 Pokemon Part 3 February 9, 2015
Bowser Junior is on his quest to look for a Poliwhirl!
4 Pokemon Part 4 April 13, 2015
Bowser Junior and the gang continue their adventure to find a Poliwhirl!
5 Pokemon Part 5 August 15, 2015
Bowser Junior, Cody , and Chef Pee Pee continue on their Pokemon adventure!
6 Pokemon Part 6 June 28, 2016
Bowser Junior continues his quest to find a Poliwhirl!

Character's Win/Loss Chart

Bowser Junior:

Role: Main Character, Trainer

Current Pokemons: Ivysaur, Pikachu, Pidgeotto

Gym Badges Earned: Kitchen Badge

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 4 Wins/4 Losses


Role: Main Character, Trainer

Current Pokemons: Wartortle, Bellsprout, Butterfree

Gym Badges Earned: None

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 3 Wins/0 Losses

Chef Pee Pee:

Role: Gym Leader, Main Character, Trainer

Current Pokemons: Magikarp, Snorlax (Dead), Psyduck, Weedle

Gym Badges Earned: Gym Leader

  • Captured a Magikarp Sometime before The Events of The Pokemon Series
  • Captured a Snorlax Sometime before The Events of The Pokemon Series
  • Lost Against Bowser Junior's Bulbasaur 2 Times in Pokemon Part 2
  • Captured a Wild Psyduck in Pokemon Part 3
  • Lost Against Toad's Jigglypuff in Pokemon Part 3
  • Caught a Wild Weedle in Pokemon Part 4
  • Attempt to catch a Wild Poliwag Foiled by Bowser Junior's Interference

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 4 Wins/3 Losses


Role: Trainer

Current Pokemons: Cookie Monster

Gym Badges Earned: Unknown, Likely None

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 2 Known Wins/0 Known Losses

Ash Ketchum:

Role: Trainer

Current Pokemons: None (Lost Pikachu in a Bet with Bowser Junior)

Gym Badges Earned: Unknown

  • Won Against Possible Other Trainers

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 0 Known Wins/1 Known Losses


Role: Trainer

Current Pokemons: Jigglypuff, Gary The Snail

Gym Badges Earned: Kitchen Badge

  • Won Against Chef Pee Pee's Psyduck
  • Won Against Possible Other Trainers

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 1 Known Win/0 Known Losses


Role: Former Main Character, Main Antagonist, Pokemon Master/Champion?

Current Pokemons: Charizard, 5 Other Pokemons

Gym Badges Earned: Unknown, Most Likely Alot

  • Won Against Bowser Junior's Bulbasaur in Episode 1
  • Killed a Butterfree in Episode 2
  • Battled and Captured 5 Other Pokemons Between Episode 2 and 6
  • Won Against Possibly Other Trainers
  • Effortlessly Defeated Bowser Junior's Pikachu in Episode 6

Total Win/Loss Ratio: 7 Known Wins/1 Known Loss


  • The series is based on Pokemon Red and Blue as there are only Generation I Pokemon being caught by the gang as well as Team Rocket appearing in the series.

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