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Professor E, gadd

Professor E. Gadd (Or E. Gadd) a inventor, scientist, and ghost hunter. He appeared to Luigi as a ghost, and told him how to rescue Mario, Shrek, and the other SML characters. He was revealed to have died before the events of the series. His life before death is mostly unknown. He possibly built F.L.U.D.D.

The Luigi's Mansion revival series will feature a plush version of E. Gadd that Logan is sewing.



  • He is the first SML character to be computer animated while in the shot of other plushes. This was because there was no Professor E. Gadd plush, so Logan improvised.
  • It is revealed in Chilly's vlogs that Professor E Gadd will appear again and will not be computer animated. He will insted be a custom plush made by Chilly and logan.