Puppet Closet!

Puppet Closet!

Puppet Closet! is an episode of SuperLuigiLogan.


SML puppet closet

Puppets (from left to right): Mr. Winkle, Joseph's Mom, Tyrone, Jeffy (early version), Judy, Goodman, Craig The Devil, Screwball, Chef Luigi, Barack Obama (Bitterman Carlito), Harold Wilfred, Jackie Chu, Margaret, Patrick's Mom

In this video, Logan shows the viewers his closet full of plushes and puppets.



  • This is the first video to be uploaded on SuperLuigiLogan in 2016. Not only that, it also ends the 1 year and 27 day hiatus of no recent SLL videos.
  • This video has the Chef Luigi Skit.
  • It's revealed Logan hates Big Hero 6.
  • A possible early version of Jeffy can be seen in the video.
    Early jeffy