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"Time to watch Charleyyy and Friends!"

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Mario is in a real life dimension!


In a new dimension, Mario and Luigi are babies playing in the playroom. Before Mario can switch to another dimension, Luigi grabs the controller and runs off with it. Mario chases him to the train section and they start fighting over the remote. The fight is broken off by their mother, who asks them what they're fighting over. They both mention the remote, and she decides to end the argument by taking the "fancy calculator" herself. She puts the remote on a high shelf and takes the babies to the couch for a little story. The story, which dates back to 1494, recounts her life and relationship with Harry Potter. Baby Bowser interrupts her story, begging for food. The mother snaps at Bowser, telling him to return to his cage. She then continues her far-fetched story, which puts her and Luigi to sleep. Mario escapes the living room and finds the shelf with the remote on it. There, he makes and agreement with Bowser. Bowser throws him up on the shelf in an agreement for Mario to get their mom to make them cookies. Mario grabs the remote, refuses to keep up his side of the deal, and goes to another dimension. Bowser angrily says he can never forgive Mario.

Mario arrives in a bedroom where Bowser is busy watching Charleyyy and Friends. While Mario is trying to examine his surroundings, Bowser notices him and forces him to leave.

The next dimension is a real-life dimension. Mario learns about his new environment when Toad confronts him, telling him that the princess has been kidnapped. Mario agrees to save her, but first goes looking for Luigi. At that moment, Luigi enters the room with a glum attitude and a strange accent. Mario asks Luigi why he was talking weird, and Luigi responded by saying that, being from Brooklyn, both plumbers should have an accent. Mario claims he doesn't talk like that, saying it is just weird. Toad informs Luigi of the princess's kidnapping, to which he boringly sighs, saying it happens every week. Luigi agrees to go with Mario and Toad to find Peach. They start the first course. After Mario snaps at Toad for singing copyrighted music, a Goomba comes charging toward them. Luigi questions the Goomba, and Mario explains what it is. He then shows Luigi how to kill Goombas by jumping on their heads. A Koopa Troopa comes next. Mario stomps the Koopa, causing its shell to come backward at the three friends. Mario and Toad manage to avoid the shell, but Luigi is hit and injured by it. Then, Mario goes to bash a coin block, hoping to find a mushroom to help his brother, but a coin comes out. Mario and Toad jump into the warp pipe and find themselves in Peach's closet. After Mario refuses to smell Peach's underwear (Toad's suggestion), they exit the closet and find Peach turned facing the window. When they turn the light on and Peach turns around, Mario gets disgusted and leaves the dimension. Toad proceeds to take off his vest and jump toward her.

In the next dimension, Mario finds a normal Mama Luigi pretending to swim in a puddle of spilled water. Bowser unexpectedly arrives, hits Mario, and takes Mario's cap. Mario tries to convince Mama Luigi to help him get the hat back, but all Mama Luigi wants Mario to do is change him after he pooped himself. Finally, Mario gets Mama Luigi to go with him.



  • In the second dimension Mario visits in the episode, everything he sees (Bowser watching Charleyyy and Friends) seems to be normal. However, he doesn't get to fully examine the dimension as it could have been the one he was hoping to return to.
  • This is the 1st time Bowser is seen as a kid.
  • This is the first time Real Life Style was used. The second time will be Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza! in 2016.
  • The "To be continued" text means that the series will go on, but there has not been an episode for 3 years due to the fact that Logan has moved away from his old home after this episode was made.
    • And SML constantly stated that he would continue the series so many times, he is either taunting us, or just lying to get out of getting hate comments!
    • It's possible that the series is either cancelled or has to be rebooted.

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