• [Scene begins with Tony and Chad talking to Big Red, Speedy, Blue and Toad]
  • Tony: Okay guys we got a big announcement (Turns to Chad) wanna tell them baby?
  • Chad: No baby you tell them!
  • Tony: No you tell them!
  • Chad: No baby you tell them!
  • Tony: No! you tell them! you tell them!
  • Big Red: Come on! Tell us, man!
  • Tony: OK we're having a baby!!!!!! (Squeals with excitement) He's ready to hatch like any day now. You guys free?
  • [Big Red, Speedy and Blue leave except for Toad]
  • Toad: That's awesome dude! hey hey hey who's the dad? who's the dad?
  • Tony: Chad's the dad you silly goose! (Laughs)
  • Chad: Yeah baby! Who's your daddy who's your daddy?
  • Tony: You are! You are! (They Squeal) I'm so glad your not mad Toad, I thought you'd be like the other birds that just leave just for no reason!
  • Toad: No I wouldn't be mad I just want to babysit hey can I babysit? Can I babysit? PLEASE?!! PLEASE?!!! PLEASE?!!!!! PLEASE?!!!!!!
  • [Tony puts a glass box over the egg]
  • Tony: No Toad I'm sorry but he's too fragile right now I can't have you babysitting, You can like crack on or something he could DIE! (Sobs) Ohh Chad HE COULD DIE!!! (They sob)
  • Chad: It's okay baby! It's okay! I know he's not gonna touch.
  • [Tony turns to Toad]
  • Toad: Okay I won't! Geez!
  • Tony: Good! Hmph! Chad let's go watch a movie.
  • Chad: Okay, baby.
  • [Toad stares at the egg]
  • Toad: I'm not gonna touch it? Erm I can just look at it right? Yeah. (Moves closer) Hmm. Wow! This a beauty right here. Ooh don't get too close! Hmm it's beautiful! So beautiful! Oh I just wanna feel the case and I know it feels good so it's a box I like boxes. I know one smell wouldn't hurt I like... I like the smell of eggs, I've never babysit an egg before (Opens the glass box) I just wanna smell just a... oohhh... just a little bit. (Sniffs the egg) Hmmm smells like Dandelions! yeah!!! (Touches the egg) Ohhh... It moved!
  • [Toad pushes the egg too far but then the egg splatters on the floor]
  • Toad: OH MY GOD!!! NO!!! (Toad starts to panic) OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! (Sees the splattered egg) OH MY GOD!! What am I gonna do???? What am I gonna do? WHAT AM I GONNA DO???? (Panics) I just gotta get another egg! I gotta find another egg! WHERE AM I (Continues to panic) WHERE AM I GONNA FIND ANOTHER EGG???!!!!!
  • [Heads to the refrigerator]
  • Toad: GOTTA FIND AN EGG!!! WHERE'S IT AT? WHERE'S THE EGG?!!!! NEED AN EGG I NEED AN EGG!!!! (Looks in the refrigerator) COME ON!!! I NEED AN EGG!!!!
  • [Toad continues to look for an egg]
  • [Toad cheers with excitement but he carelessly splatters the other egg on the floor]
  • Toad: (Screams) WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????!! I HAD TWO EGGS!!!!! NOW I HAVE NO EGGS!!!! I'M GONNA DIE!!!! I Know! I can... I can lay an egg that's all I have to do is lay an egg. How do I lay an egg? How do I lay an egg?!! HOW DO I LAY AN EGG?!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO HOW DO I LAY AN EGG?!!! Maybe I can sit down and strain hard, really really hard and I'll lay an egg, It can't be that hard. One, Two, Three. (Strains) IT'S COMING! IT'S COMING!
  • [Toad strains but then he craps]
  • Toad: Uh oh! It has to work. it has to work.
  • [A few hours later scene]
  • Chad: So how d'you like the movie, baby?
  • Tony: Of course you know I loved it. It's my favorite movie whatsoever. (Sees Toad's crap but Tony thinks that the baby has hatched) MY BABY! MY BABY! He's hatched!
  • Chad: No! No! (Sobs) Tony I can't believe you cheated on me!!! He's black!!! HE'S BLACK!!!

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