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SMLArchive is a YouTuber who uploads old deleted videos of SuperMarioLogan's history, and other stuff relating to SuperMarioLogan.

He has recently been seen harassing many YouTube users since 2012, such as Lovell Stanton.

SMLArchive is seen to have a special hate for Logan and the crew. It is unknown why, at this time.


  • It is unknown how SMLArchive obtains these lost videos of the SuperMarioLogan franchise.
  • It is also unknown why SMLArchive hates Logan and the crew.
  • SMLArchive always ends a comment or reply with the "^____^" emoticon. It is unknown why, at this time.
  • SMLArchive has revealed personal information (some found from the SML Wiki itself) about Logan and the crew, such as Chilly's real name, and the crew's graduation pictures.

External links (The SMLArchive channel.)

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