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The SuperMarioLogan Characters.

SuperMarioLogan (shortly known as SML) is an independent production company which launched as a channel on YouTube on December 8, 2007, that creates plush videos revolving around an amateur comedy series of puppetry/live-action videos, featuring the crossover cast of characters from different franchises (e.g. Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney Animation Studios & Pixar, etc.) all created, written and produced by Logan Thirtyacre.

The SML series became an instant hit with users upon its debut, despite some controversies throughout the years.


These movies share a variety of plush charcters, puppetry, and live action, following the bizzare life and misadventures of Mario and Bowser Junior. Most of the videos by SuperMarioLogan contain a series of adult themes, toilet humor, dark humor, and popular culture references. This is recommended for ages 13 and up, though videos can occasionally have a much higher age limit. Each season is renewed every new year on January 1st. 

Mario and Friends

This is one of the main series of SML Movies. It surrounds the strange adventures of the suburban normal guy version of Mario, whose life is anything but strange. The series is about Mario (the famous Nintendo plumber mascot in red ) having adventures with his crazy friends/roommates Black Yoshi, Shrek, Woody, and Toad . More recently however, many other stories have begun to take shape alongside the main stories in the series where Mario and his girlfriend Rosalina (who is passionate about space) take care of Jeffy, a highly stupid and retarded boy who has many stupid habits and catchphrase like saying "Why do that?," putting pencils up his nose, spanking his wrongly-put diaper, being very violent when not supposed to, yelling and screaming at random times around non-scary things and when he's in trouble, and much more.

The Bowser Family

This series of SML Movies is about the most unconventional and dysfunctional family ever, Bowser and his son, Bowser Junior. However, It is unknown who Bowser Junior's real mother is. While Bowser enjoys watching TV and bossing around his servant chef, Chef Pee Pee, Bowser Junior likes hanging out with his friends; Joseph ,a Koopa Troopa who lives by himself (due to his parents being dead) and Cody, a nerdy and gay Magikoopa.

Shared between the series

The Brooklyn Guy (Brooklyn T. Guy) is part of both series. Hence his name, he is a Brooklyn-accented guy who originates from Brooklyn. He has many jobs in the SML universe, much like his police boss, Mr. Goodman. for example, he's a firefighter, a doctor and a cop, and can be some crazy professions too, like a Pokémon professor, a fake Mickey Mouse at Disney World, and an employee at Toys R Us and Chuck-E Cheese. Toad is also part of both series, being friends with Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody, and is in the same class and school as them.

Main Locations

  • The Old House (Twin Pines Circle) [December 8th 2007-April 16th 2015]
  • The Apartment (Nine Mile) [April 16th 2015-October 16th 2016]
  • The New House (Lake Ridge Lane) [October 20th 2016-present]


Current Cast Members

Former Cast Members


Series Overview

Series Episodes Year Title
Pilot 2007 n/a
Pre-0 21 2007 "Pre-Golden Age: Phase 1"
0 43 2008 "Pre-Golden Age: Phase 2"
1 4 2009 "Beginning Age"
2 2 2010 "Silent Age"
3 5 2011 "Golden Age"
4 5 2012 "Changing Age"
5 14 2013 "Bowser Age"
6 59 2014 "Junior's Golden Age" and "Revolutionary Change"
7 80 2015 "End of an Era"
8 96 2016 "Mature Age"
9 70 (as of right now) 2017 "A New Era"

Early Pilot (2007)

  • Super Mario Got Milk: Based on the Mario Got Milk advertisement from the 90s where two people lose a level from Super Mario 64. It involves Mario becoming alive and going out of the TV . He runs to the fridge to have milk, but he gets super big... This was SuperMarioLogan's first ever video uploaded!

Pre-Season 0 (2007) (Pre-Golden Age: Phase 1)

Before Logan actually started making SML Movies, Logan made some videos that act as a pre-season 1, or Season 0. This was set in the Beta Age, which preceded the Golden Age.

  1. Nintendo Game Systems
  2. SuperMarioLogan Paintings
  3. Mario Loves To Fart
  4. SuperMarioLogan's Cats
  5. Nintendo Monopoly review
  6. Super Mario Galaxy Review
  7. Wario's BMX Challenge
  8. DS Games "2007"
  9. Wii Games "2007"
  10. Mario Saves Someone "part 1"
  11. Mario Interview: "Elmo"
  12. Gamecube Games "2007"
  13. Yoshi Takes Mario to McDonald's
  14. NES Games "2007"
  15. SuperMarioLogan's Nintendo Merchinedise
  16. Christmas "2007"
  17. Mario Likes Bacon
  18. Kitten in a Christmas Tree
  19. Mario Interview: "Tony the Tiger"
  20. Mario and Tony: Watch Blues Clues
  21. Mario and Tony: happy new year

Season 0 (2008) (Pre-Golden Age: Phase 2)

  1. Mario and Luigi: Work Problems (Season Premiere)
  2. The Worst Game Ever!!
  3. Everybody hates Toad "animation"
  4. Mario Pivot Animation
  5. SNES Games "2007"
  6. Mario and Tony: What is better?
  7. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 1
  8. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 2
  9. Mario saves someone "part 2"
  10. Mario and Tony: Ladye Bug
  11. Mario Pivot Animation "bad day"
  12. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 3
  13. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 4
  14. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 5
  15. I got tagged "5 facts"
  16. Mario and Tony: What is better? "Results"
  17. Luigi in Super Smash Bros. Brawl "proof"
  18. Mario and Tony: What is even better?
  19. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  20. SuperMarioLogan and his kittens!
  21. Mario and Tony: Mickey Mouse Club House
  23. Mario and Tony: What is even better? "Results"
  24. Nintendo 64 Games "2007"
  26. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 6
  27. the caramelldenson
  28. SuperMarioLogan Beats Super Mario Bros. "Commentary"
  29. I Got 100 Subscribers!
  30. Mario Kart Wii "Unboxing and Gameplay"
  32. Wii Fit "Unboxing and gameplay"
  33. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 7
  37. Brian Crashed His Car...
  38. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 8
  39. Super Mario Sluggers Review
  40. SuperMarioLogan Reviews Rockband and Guitar Hero
  42. Tony gets a girlfriend (part 1)
  43. Tony gets a girlfriend (part 2) (Season Finale)

Season 1: 2009 (Beginning Age)

SML Movie The Nintendo DSi30:06

SML Movie The Nintendo DSi

SML Movie How To Save Princess Peach, The Black Yoshi Way?06:09

SML Movie How To Save Princess Peach, The Black Yoshi Way?

SML Movie Shrek's Costume09:49

SML Movie Shrek's Costume

This is the first season of SML Movies, there were only four in this season. These, along with Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, began the Golden Age.
Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
1 The Nintendo DSi April 7, 2009 Luigi buys Mario a DSi for being a Youtube Partner but he finds out and says if you give me 10 facts he will keep it.
2 Shrek's Big Crap August 16, 2009 Shrek takes a big crap.
3 How To Save Princess Peach, The Black Yoshi Way? October 4, 2009 Peach is kidnapped, and Black Yoshi shows us how to save her.
4 Shrek's Costume October 31, 2009 Shrek has a weird costume, and Mario doesn't like it.

Season 2: 2010 (Silent Age)

SML Movie Shrek's Nightmare08:03

SML Movie Shrek's Nightmare

SML Movie- How to eat an Oreo11:12

SML Movie- How to eat an Oreo

In Season 2, the video quality improved and reached higher YouTube standards. These were set in the Bronze Age, when Black Yoshi was introduced as Mama Luigi's replacement. This season also has the least amount of SML videos with only 2.

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
5 Shrek's Nightmare May 8, 2010 Shrek has a crazy nightmare!
6 How to eat an Oreo July 10, 2010 Mario and his friends show how they eat an Oreo in their own special way.

Season 3: 2011 (Golden Age)

SML Movie The Bird20:12

SML Movie The Bird

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Girlfriend09:52

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Girlfriend

SML Movie Mario's Hair07:12

SML Movie Mario's Hair

In Season 3, the Angry Birds were introduced.

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
7 Toad Is Cool February 24, 2011 Toad has been a loser all his life, but when he meets an underground rapper "Ray Cheesy" he suddenly thinks he has found a way to be cool!
8 The Bird May 18, 2011 SML Movie: The Bird
9 Black Yoshi's Girlfriend May 27, 2011 SML Movie: Black Yoshi's Girlfriend
10 Mario's Hair September 5, 2011 Mario takes off his hat for the first time...
11 Ghost Shrimpo December 3, 2011 SML Movie: Ghost Shrimpo

Season 4: 2012 (Changing Age)

SML Special Valentine's Day09:27

SML Special Valentine's Day

SML Movie Bowser's Birthday11:50

SML Movie Bowser's Birthday

SML Movie Baby Shrek19:32

SML Movie Baby Shrek

SML Movie Bowser's Milkshake09:54

SML Movie Bowser's Milkshake

In Season 4, Chef Pee Pee was introduced and the camera changed once again. This initiated the Modern Age of SML.
Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
12 Valentine's Day February 14, 2012 SML Special: Valentine's Day
13 Bowser's Birthday February 21, 2012 Today is Bowser's birthday, and Bowser wants everyone to give him birthday spankings and have a birthday cake.
14 Baby Shrek May 13, 2012 Shrek eats so much cheesecake that something astonishing happens.
15 Bowser's Milkshake July 29, 2012 This was my first video made out of the hospital with my new camera. I will continue to use my old camera the Canon 7D for all my videos, i just wanted to make one video with my new Canon Vixia.
16 Bowser's Cookies December 14, 2012 Bowser is craving homemade cookies like mama use to make, so he asks Chef Pee Pee to fix him up a batch of cookies! While Chef Pee Pee is making the cookies, Toad tries to help.....

Season 5: 2013 (Bowser Age)

SML Movie Bowser's Dilemma11:26

SML Movie Bowser's Dilemma

SML Movie Shrek's Hot Cheesecake08:05

SML Movie Shrek's Hot Cheesecake

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Macaroni16:40

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Macaroni

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake12:11

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake

SML Movie Bowser's Biggest Fear06:40

SML Movie Bowser's Biggest Fear

SML Movie Bowser's Salad Wrap08:38

SML Movie Bowser's Salad Wrap

SML Movie Toad's Stupid Idea18:53

SML Movie Toad's Stupid Idea

SML Movie Mario's Wig20:25

SML Movie Mario's Wig

SML Movie Bowser's Christmas Problem13:14

SML Movie Bowser's Christmas Problem

In Season 5, Bowser became an anti-hero and started watching the new show Charleyyy and Friends. Chef Pee Pee now has to contend with a new main character: Bowser Junior.

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
17 Bowser's Dilemma February 1, 2013 SML Movie: Bowser's Dilemma
18 Black Yoshi's New Call Of Duty February 25, 2013 SML Movie: Black Yoshi's New Call Of Duty
19 Shrek's Hot Cheesecake March 4, 2013 Shrek's regular cheesecake isn't making him fart anymore. So Shrek needs to spice up his cheesecake to make him have very powerful farts! Woody ends up helping Shrek with his secret peppers!
20 Bowser Junior's Macaroni April 27, 2013 SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Macaroni
21 Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake June 16, 2013 Bowser wants a special cake made for his son's birthday, so he asks Chef Pee Pee to make the cake.
22 Bowser's Biggest Fear July 18, 2013 Bowser is scared!
23 A Bird Problem August 2, 2013 Speedy has a speech problem and needs help fixing it.
24 Bowser's Salad Wrap August 9, 2013 Chef Pee Pee makes a Salad Wrap for Bowser.
25 Toad's Stupid Idea August 16, 2013 SML Movie: Toad's Stupid Idea
26 Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger August 30, 2013 There's a pest messing with Chef Pee Pee!
27 Bowser's Dinner Date September 30, 2013 Bowser wants to kill Mario, so he invites him to dinner.
28 Bowser's Biggest Fear 2 October 27, 2013 They made a sequel to The Man with the Banana!
29 Bowser's Thanksgiving November 28, 2013 Chef Pee Pee is on vacation for thanksgiving, so Bowser has to cook his own dinner!
30 Mario's Wig December 14, 2013 Mario wants to get his ex-wife Peach back, so Mario decides to try a wig!
31 Bowser's Christmas Problem December 21, 2013 Bowser was watching Charleyyy and Friends in his room as usual, until Bowser Junior comes in and starts annoying him because he wants to see Santa. Bowser tells his son that Santa does not exist, and Bowser Junior starts crying nonstop. Bowser has to try to figure out a way to make his son feel better.

Season 6: 2014 (Junior's Golden Age and Revolutionary Change)

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Father14:09

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Father

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Happy Meal13:19

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Happy Meal

SML Movie Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake10:14

SML Movie Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Homework13:38

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Homework

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun06:40

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Koolaid12:47

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Koolaid

SML Movie Bowser's New Son10:16

SML Movie Bowser's New Son

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt14:37

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt

SML Movie Bowser's Chinese Food10:59

SML Movie Bowser's Chinese Food

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Job16:17

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Job

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Summer School15:38

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Summer School

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket10:43

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket

SML Movie Bowser's Broken TV14:25

SML Movie Bowser's Broken TV

SML Movie Bowser's Depression16:42

SML Movie Bowser's Depression

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation21:55

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation

SML Movie Bowser's Video Game15:42

SML Movie Bowser's Video Game

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Playtime21:10

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Playtime

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Game Night17:19

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Game Night

SML Movie Shrek's Crappy Wish14:53

SML Movie Shrek's Crappy Wish

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Family13:32

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Family

SML Movie Evil Bowser15:45

SML Movie Evil Bowser

SML Movie Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday19:09

SML Movie Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday

SML Movie- Mario The Gangsta16:40

SML Movie- Mario The Gangsta

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 117:59

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1

Wario And Waluigi's Scam!11:34

Wario And Waluigi's Scam!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Halloween15:28

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Halloween

SML Movie The Call Of Duty Blackout16:13

SML Movie The Call Of Duty Blackout

SML Movie Home Alone13:34

SML Movie Home Alone

SML Movie- Pokemon Part 113:25

SML Movie- Pokemon Part 1

SML Movie The Koopa Kids!13:17

SML Movie The Koopa Kids!

SML Movie- The Big Thanksgiving19:47

SML Movie- The Big Thanksgiving

SML Movie Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?14:34

SML Movie Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Within this season, Bowser became more bossy, violent and cruel and major characters such as Cody, Joseph, and Screwball got introducted. This season is known to be the peak of Bowser Junior's cruelty over Chef Pee Pee.
Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
32 Chef Pee Pee's Father January 1, 2014 Chef Pee Pee has been lying to his father telling him that he is rich and successful! What will happen when his father finds out the truth?
33 Bowser Junior's Caprisun February 9, 2014 Chef Pee Pee is on lunch break and tries to eat his food, but Bowser Junior comes in and pesters him to get him a Caprisun.
34 Bowser Junior's Happy Meal March 2, 2014 Bowser is going to a Charleyyy and Friends convention, so Chef Pee Pee has to babysit Bowser Junior.
35 Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake March 16, 2014 Shrek asks Chef Pee Pee to make him cheesecake.
36 Bowser Junior's Homework March 30, 2014 Bowser Junior is failing all of his classes in school. Bowser forces Chef Pee Pee to tutor his son and help him pass.
37 Bowser's Biggest Fear 3 April 2, 2014 Bowser has a NEW biggest fear...
38 Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun April 12, 2014 Bowser Junior gets new Nerf gun and will not stop bothering Chef Pee Pee.
39 Black Yoshi's Koolaid April 16, 2014 Black Yoshi needs a special energy drink to stay awake all weekend for the Call of Duty 4x exp weekend!
40 Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt April 20, 2014 On Easter Morning Bowser Junior get's no eggs but Bowser got some from Walmart. Bowser Junior asked Bowser to do a EPIC EGG HUNT!
41 Bowser's Soup April 23, 2014 When Bowser is feeling sick he asks Chef Pee Pee to make a yummy can of soup. However, Chef Pee Pee is sick as well, so it's up to Bowser Junior and Toad to make it.
42 Bowser Junior's Cellphone May 4, 2014 Bowser Junior wants a cellphone so he can be cool!
43 Bowser's Chinese Food May 7, 2014 Bowser is craving some traditional Chinese food.
44 The Fly May 14, 2014 While Chef Pee Pee and Jackie Chu try to cook Bowser some food, a pesky Fly interrupts them.
45 Black Yoshi's Job May 18, 2014 Black Yoshi needs some money to preorder the New Call Of Duty!
46 Bowser's New Son May 21, 2014 Bowser Junior has no one to play with so he asks his dad to get him a little brother. Bowser asks Chef Pee Pee to make a little brother for his son to play with.
47 Chef Pee Pee's Birthday June 1, 2014 It is Chef Pee Pee's birthday!
48 Bowser Junior's Happy Meal 2 June 4, 2014 Junior wants a Happy Meal at 2 AM!
49 Bowser Junior's Summer School June 8, 2014 Bowser Junior has to go to Summer School because he FAILED!
50 Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket June 12, 2014 Chef Pee Pee finds a lottery ticket on the ground, and it is a winning ticket!
51 Bowser Junior's Summer School 2 June 18, 2014 Today in Summer School, Officer Goodman talks to the class about drugs and bullying.
52 Bowser's Broken TV June 25, 2014 Bowser's TV is broken... or the cable is broken... something is causing the TV to not show Charleyyy and Friends!
53 Bowser Junior's Summer School 3 June 28, 2014 It is show and tell at Junior's school! Bowser Junior brings Chef Pee Pee as his awesome show and tell thing!
54 Chef Pee Pee's Clone July 13, 2014 Junior finds out that the toaster can not only toast things, but clone things too! So Junior clones Chef Pee Pee!
55 Bowser Junior's Summer School 4 July 20, 2014 Bowser Junior is sick and stays home from school... But while he is at home, people at school are having fun!
56 Bowser Junior's Three Wishes July 23, 2014 Bowser Junior is washing a bottle jar thing and a genie pops out! Now Junior gets three wishes!
57 Bowser's Depression July 29, 2014 Charleyyy and Friends is cancelled! So now Bowser has to do something to make him not depressed.
58 Bowser Junior's Summer School 5 July 31, 2014 There is a new girl in the classroom! And also BIG TEST today!
59 Bowser Junior's Summer School 6 August 4, 2014 Bowser Junior and the class learn about Fire Safety.
60 Bowser Junior's Summer School 7 August 10, 2014 Bowser Junior and his friends take the final exam!
61 Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath August 13, 2014 Bowser Junior smells really bad and everyone wants him to take a bath!
62 Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation August 23, 2014 Bowser Junior gets to go to Toys "R" Us and Chuck E Cheese for a summer vacation!!
63 Bowser's Video Game August 28, 2014 Bowser gets Charleyyy and Friends: The Game!
64 Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken September 1, 2014 Black Yoshi forces Mario to go get him some fresh fried chicken...
65 Bowser Junior's Playtime September 4, 2014 Bowser Junior and his friends play house! And they take it too seriously....
66 Bowser Junior's Pool Party September 8, 2014 Bowser Junior has a pool party with his friends!
67 Bowser Junior's Game Night September 12, 2014 Bowser Junior plays Jenga, Monopoly, and Operation with his friends!
68 Shrek's Crappy Wish September 15, 2014 Shrek makes a wish that Mario is a real Donkey!
69 Chef Pee Pee's Family September 17, 2014 Chef Pee Pee's royal family visits!
70 Bowser's Mom September 21, 2014 Bowser's Mom comes to visit!
71 Evil Bowser September 25, 2014 Bowser loses all his evil. So he contacts the DEVIL!
72 Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday September 30, 2014 It is Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday!
73 Mario The Gangsta October 4, 2014 Mario learns how to be a GANGSTA!
74 Bowser Junior's Breakfast October 12, 2014 Bowser Junior goes to Waffle House!
75 Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1 October 17, 2014 Chef Pee Pee finally quits his job!
76 Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair! October 23, 2014 Bowser Junior goes to the fair!
77 Wario and Waluigi's Scam! October 27, 2014 Wario and Waluigi try to scam Mario!
78 The Grilled Cheese October 29, 2014 Chef Pee Pee loves grilled cheeses! But someone keeps stealing them...
79 Bowser Junior's Halloween October 31, 2014 Bowser Junior goes trick or treating with his friends!
80 The Call Of Duty Blackout November 6, 2014 Black Yoshi gets the new Call of Duty but can't play it because of a random power outage!
81 Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2 November 13, 2014 Chef Pee Pee becomes a cop!
82 Bowser Junior's Sickness November 16, 2014 Bowser Junior is sick! so he can't play with his friends... or can he?
83 Home Alone November 20, 2014 Bowser Junior is left home alone...
84 Mine! November 24, 2014 A pesky bird gets inside the house and causes trouble!
85 The Big Thanksgiving November 27, 2014 All of the characters come together for the biggest thanksgiving ever!
86 Pokemon Part 1 December 1, 2014 Bowser Junior wishes Pokemon was real!
87 The Koopa Kids! December 4, 2014 The Koopa Kids are annoying!
88 The Call Of Duty Problem December 8, 2014 Bowser Junior plays Call of Duty, and makes Black Yoshi mad!
89 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? December 12, 2014 The SuperMarioLogan plush version of the hit game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"
90 Pokemon Part 2 December 18, 2014 Bowser Junior gets his first gym badge!
91 Bowser Junior Meets Santa Claus! December 22, 2014 Bowser Junior goes to the mall to meet Santa Claus with his friends!

Season 7: 2015 (End of an Era)

SML Movie Bowser Loses His Voice!12:11

SML Movie Bowser Loses His Voice!

SML Movie Mario's Grandpa11:12

SML Movie Mario's Grandpa

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Sleepover17:05

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Sleepover

SML Movie The Fly Problem!12:23

SML Movie The Fly Problem!

SML Movie Super Bowl Commercials09:44

SML Movie Super Bowl Commercials

SML Movie- Black Yoshi's In Trouble!16:39

SML Movie- Black Yoshi's In Trouble!

SML Movie Cody's House14:09

SML Movie Cody's House

SML Movie Mario's Date!11:22

SML Movie Mario's Date!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Big Mess!13:13

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Big Mess!

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!21:25

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Addiction10:13

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Addiction

SML Movie Bowser's House Fire!16:04

SML Movie Bowser's House Fire!

SML Movie Mario's Family Moves Out!20:34

SML Movie Mario's Family Moves Out!

SML Movie Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!15:33

SML Movie Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!

SML Movie Shrek's Diet!17:56

SML Movie Shrek's Diet!

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 510:30

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Mistake!11:07

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Mistake!

SML Movie Switching Bodies!14:42

SML Movie Switching Bodies!

SML Movie Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!18:07

SML Movie Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!

SML Movie Bowser's Parrot!14:36

SML Movie Bowser's Parrot!

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Money Problem!16:49

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Money Problem!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!20:57

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!

SML Movie Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World!35:03

SML Movie Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World!

SML Movie Shrek's Bath Problem!10:21

SML Movie Shrek's Bath Problem!

SML Movie Bowser Goes To The Movies!14:29

SML Movie Bowser Goes To The Movies!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Dog!13:47

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Dog!

SML Movie The Warp Pipe!08:05

SML Movie The Warp Pipe!

SML Movie Bowser Juniors Lemonade Stand!13:49

SML Movie Bowser Juniors Lemonade Stand!

SML Movie The President's Chef!17:00

SML Movie The President's Chef!

SML Movie The Perfect Plan!08:53

SML Movie The Perfect Plan!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday!16:09

SML Movie Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday!

SML Movie Ratatouille!14:44

SML Movie Ratatouille!

SML Movie- The Burger!13:25

SML Movie- The Burger!

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!10:54

SML Movie- Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!

SML Movie- Mario's New Girlfriend!18:04

SML Movie- Mario's New Girlfriend!

SML Movie Toad's Girlfriend!19:57

SML Movie Toad's Girlfriend!

SML Movie Home Alone 208:43

SML Movie Home Alone 2

SML Movie- The Pizza Delivery!09:41

SML Movie- The Pizza Delivery!

SML Movie- Mario's Thanksgiving Problem!13:48

SML Movie- Mario's Thanksgiving Problem!

SML Movie- Bowser's Drivers License!14:42

SML Movie- Bowser's Drivers License!

SML Movie Cody’s Happy Hanukkah!13:17

SML Movie Cody’s Happy Hanukkah!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Lightsaber!08:07

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Lightsaber!

SML Movie The Christmas Special!20:15

SML Movie The Christmas Special!

This season was the last to use the old house and as well as the last 'classic' SML season as evidenced by only 26 episodes from this season using the old house. Several characters personalities like Joseph, Chef Pee Pee and Toad started to change from this season onward. Later on in the season, Mario's current girlfriend, Rosalina was introduced.

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
92 Bowser Loses His Voice! January 1, 2015 Bowser loses his voice and no one can understand him!
93 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 2 January 8, 2015 SML try to win a million!
94 Mario's Grandpa January 11, 2015 Mario's grandpa gets kicked out of the nursing home...
95 Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 3 January 15, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is a plumber!
96 Bowser Junior's Sleepover January 20, 2015 Bowser Junior has a scary sleepover with his friends!
97 The Fly Problem! January 25, 2015 There is a pesky fly bothering King Strongbottom! Only the master can kill it!
98 Bowser Junior's Pet! January 29, 2015 Bowser Junior wants a pet!
99 Super Bowl Commercials February 1, 2015 Mario and the gang watch Super Bowl commercials!!
100 Black Yoshi's In Trouble! February 5, 2015 Black Yoshi is in trouble with the law, and needs to change his life around.
101 Pokemon Part 3 February 9, 2015 Bowser Junior is on his quest to look for a Poliwhirl! But runs into a quacking problem!
102 Cody's House February 12, 2015 Bowser Junior and Joseph go to Cody's house to hang out! And it is weird...
103 Mario's Date! February 16, 2015 Mario goes on a date with... some...thing.
104 Bowser Junior's Punishment! February 19, 2015 Bowser Junior is acting really bad so his dad has to punish him in a non violent way!
105 Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4 February 23, 2015 THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PART OF CHEF PEE PEE QUITS! There will be 7 parts!
106 Bowser Junior's Big Mess! February 26, 2015 Bowser Junior and Toad make a BIG mess with the Diet Coke and Mentos.
107 Bowser Junior Goes Bowling! March 3, 2015 Bowser Junior has never went bowling before!
108 Bowser Junior's Playtime 2 March 7, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends play house! AGAIN!
109 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! March 12, 2015 This is the newest school series!!
110 Cody's Sleepover March 17, 2015 Cody invites Junior and Joseph to have a sleepover at his house! And it gets weird!
111 Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack! March 22, 2015 Bowser Junior wakes up at midnight feeling super hungry!
112 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 2 March 26, 2015 A lot of weird stuff happens during Junior's second day of school!
113 Bowser Junior's Addiction March 30, 2015 I am almost done moving out! :)
114 April Fools! April 2, 2015 Toad shows Bowser Junior what April Fools is!
115 Bowser Junior's Easter Wish! April 5, 2015 Bowser Junior wishes that Chef Pee Pee was the Easter Bunny!
116 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3 April 9, 2015 The teacher gets in trouble!
117 Pokemon Part 4 April 13, 2015 Bowser Junior and the gang continue their adventure to find a Poliwhirl! New Pokemon are discovered, and Junior meets a surprising new trainer!
118 Bowser's House Fire! April 16, 2015 Bowser Junior shouldn't have played with fire! Bowser's family has to move to a new place!
119 Mario's Family Moves Out! April 20, 2015 Mario and the gang are forced to move out because of Mario's financial problems. They will have to deal with Bowser for the next few months!
120 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4 April 23, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends get to draw today at school! But something backfires!
121 Bowser Junior's Train Table! April 26, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends go to Toys"Я"Us to get a new train table for Thomas!
122 Bowser Junior Gets Potty Trained! May 2, 2015 Bowser Junior has been peeing the bed, and now he has to get potty trained!
123 Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster! May 6, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is very busy, but when an emergency pops up, he must leave the cooking duties to one... stupid chef....
124 Mother's Day! May 10, 2015 Bowser Junior doesn't have a mother to love for mothers day!
125 Shrek's Diet! May 13, 2015 Shrek is getting too fat and has to go on a diet or he will die!
126 Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5 May 17, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is the new night guard at Freddy Fazbear's pizza!
127 Bowser Junior's Broccoli Problem! May 21, 2015 Bowser Junior does not want to eat his broccoli, so he makes a big mistake!
128 Chef Pee Pee's Mistake! May 24, 2015 Chef Pee Pee hits a dog while driving!
129 Mario's Beautiful Date! May 29, 2015 Mario is very lonely, so Bowser helps him find a new girlfriend.
130 Switching Bodies! June 2, 2015 Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee Switch Bodies.
131 Bowser Junior's World Record! June 6, 2015 Bowser Junior wants to set a world record!
132 Bowser Junior Loses Thomas! June 15, 2015 Bowser Junior can't find Thomas and throws a tantrum and tries to find him! Will Chef Pee Pee know that the train was hiding behind the couch the whole time?
133 Bowser's Parrot! June 19, 2015 Bowser wins a FREE Parrot!
134 Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy! June 23, 2015 Bowser Junior has to take the trash out, but then he finds something really cool!
135 Black Yoshi's Money Problem! June 26, 2015 Black Yoshi got into some deep trouble with a Loan Dolphin!
136 Bowser Junior's Broken Leg! June 30, 2015 Bowser Junior goes to the park with his friends and gets hurt.
137 Bowser Junior's Fireworks! July 4, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends want to play with fireworks!
138 Bowser Junior's Game Night 2 July 8, 2015 Bowser Junior plays board games with his friends!
139 Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! July 19, 2015 Bowser Junior wins a free trip to Disney World!
140 Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! 2 July 23, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom!
141 Bowser Loses A Tooth! July 29, 2015 Bowser bites into an apple and cause a tooth to break!
142 Shrek's Bath Problem! August 1, 2015 Shrek has a problem while he is taking a bath.... and it turns into a big problem.
143 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5 August 5, 2015 Bowser Junior goes to school to design the hottest planet!
144 Bowser Goes To The Movies! August 9, 2015 Bowser goes to see Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie!!!
145 Pokemon Part 5 August 15, 2015 Bowser Junior, Cody, and Chef Pee Pee continue on their Pokémon journey
146 Bowser Junior's Dog! August 22, 2015 Bowser Junior really wants a dog, so his dad tries to make him one!
147 The Sticky Situation August 31, 2015 Bowser Junior gets in trouble playing with glue!
148 The Warp Pipe! September 5, 2015 Mario is sick and tired of walking up three stories to get to his apartment, so he thinks he has a solution to his problem!
149 Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand! September 9, 2015 Bowser Junior needs to raise money for some toys, so he starts a lemonade stand!
150 The President's Chef! September 15, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is asked to come to Washington D.C to cook for president Barack Obama!
151 The Perfect Plan! September 23, 2015 Bowser is trying to think of a way to finally kill Mario!
152 Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday! September 27, 2015 Bowser Junior is turning 7 years old!
153 Ratatouille! October 5, 2015 Chef Pee Pee needs to cook a meal for Bowser's idol "Charleyyy", but he can't seem to cook it right! He gets some help from a friend!
154 The Burger! October 9, 2015 Bowser Junior finds a disgusting burger behind his refrigerator. but it is more than gross, it is magical!
155 Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 6 October 14, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is still looking for a job after Freddy Fazbear's pizza burns down!
156 Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend! October 17, 2015 Bowser Junior's friends are too busy to hang out with him. So Junior has to create his own friend!
157 Mario's New Girlfriend! October 27, 2015 Mario wants a new girlfriend, so Black Yoshi helps him out!
158 Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem! October 31, 2015 Bowser won't let Junior go trick or treating. So he sneaks out!
159 Bowser Junior Needs Glasses! November 4, 2015 Bowser Junior looks into the sun with a telescope... What an idiot!
160 Toad's Girlfriend! November 12, 2015 Toad gets a girlfriend! And she has a problem.
161 Home Alone 2 November 20, 2015 Bowser Junior gets left at home again! This time the robbers are unorganized...
162 The Pizza Delivery! November 24, 2015 Mario and Rosalina get hungry while watching TV, so they order a pizza!
163 Mario's Thanksgiving Problem! November 26, 2015 It is Thanksgiving, and Mario has a HUGE dinner planned for his new girlfriend! That is until Shrek messes it up. Can Mario get Thanksgiving back on track in time?
164 Chef Pee Pee Gets Sick! November 29, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is sick so Bowser Junior tries to take care of him! And it is a disaster!
165 Bowser Junior's Playtime 3 December 2, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends play pretend house together! And they take it too far...
166 Bowser's Drivers License! December 6, 2015 Bowser tries to get his drivers license because he wants to be able to drive!
167 Bowser Junior's Flu Shot! December 11, 2015 Bowser Junior is getting sick so his dad makes him get a flu shot!
168 Cody's Happy Hanukkah! December 14, 2015 Cody invites Junior over to his house for Hanukkah! But Cody's parents have no idea what to actually do on Hanukkah.
169 Bowser Junior's Lightsaber! December 19, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends buy lightsabers, but they aren't old enough to handle them.
170 Mario's Christmas Tree Problem! December 23, 2015 Mario NEEDS a Christmas Tree, but everywhere is sold out!
171 Bowser Junior's Christmas Eve! December 24, 2015 Bowser Junior is going to sleep so Santa can come! But the wrong Santa comes!
172 The Christmas Special! December 26, 2015 It is Christmas!

Season 8: 2016 (Mature Age)

SML Movie Mario's Turtle Problem!13:19

SML Movie Mario's Turtle Problem!

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem!12:37

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem!

SML Movie Cool Cody!15:26

SML Movie Cool Cody!

SML Movie Mario The Babysitter!09:43

SML Movie Mario The Babysitter!

SML Movie The Ouija Board!17:33

SML Movie The Ouija Board!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!17:02

SML Movie Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!

SML Movie Cody's Sister!16:29

SML Movie Cody's Sister!

SML Movie Mario's Valentines Day Problem!11:04

SML Movie Mario's Valentines Day Problem!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Clown Car!09:54

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Clown Car!

SML Movie Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!16:00

SML Movie Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Cookies!09:43

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Cookies!

SML Movie Mario's Hobo Problem!17:39

SML Movie Mario's Hobo Problem!

SML Movie Cody's Revenge!27:19

SML Movie Cody's Revenge!

SML Movie The Koopalings!13:52

SML Movie The Koopalings!

SML Movie Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!08:04

SML Movie Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!

SML Movie The Purge!16:30

SML Movie The Purge!

SML Movie Jeffy's Homework!20:01

SML Movie Jeffy's Homework!

SML Movie Where's Jeffy?14:57

SML Movie Where's Jeffy?

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Credit Card!15:19

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Credit Card!

SML Movie Bowser Junior Learns Karate!11:38

SML Movie Bowser Junior Learns Karate!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Painting!19:12

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Painting!

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Blank Check!15:04

SML Movie Black Yoshi's Blank Check!

SML Movie Bowser junior Goes To Military School! Part 109:24

SML Movie Bowser junior Goes To Military School! Part 1

SML Movie Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!13:07

SML Movie Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!

SML Movie Jeffy's Bad Word!10:20

SML Movie Jeffy's Bad Word!

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!19:02

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!

SML Movie Joseph's House!13:27

SML Movie Joseph's House!

SML Movie Jeffy's Mistake!12:39

SML Movie Jeffy's Mistake!

SML Movie SuperPowers!15:32

SML Movie SuperPowers!

SML Movie Evil Chef Pee Pee!14:34

SML Movie Evil Chef Pee Pee!

SML Movie Rosalina's Parents!08:24

SML Movie Rosalina's Parents!

SML Movie Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!13:25

SML Movie Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!14:14

SML Movie Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!

SML Movie The Hitman!13:33

SML Movie The Hitman!

SML Movie The Koopalings! Part 212:04

SML Movie The Koopalings! Part 2

SML Movie The New House!12:03

SML Movie The New House!

SML Movie Broken13:00

SML Movie Broken

SML Movie- The Ring12:49

SML Movie- The Ring

SML Movie Jeffy's Flu Shot!09:11

SML Movie Jeffy's Flu Shot!

SML Movie Black Yoshi The Assistant!12:01

SML Movie Black Yoshi The Assistant!

SML Movie The Past Machine!08:34

SML Movie The Past Machine!

SML Movie Turkey Tyranny!11:47

SML Movie Turkey Tyranny!

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Kids15:27

SML Movie Chef Pee Pee's Kids

SML Movie Smart Jeffy14:29

SML Movie Smart Jeffy

SML Movie First Day Of School!10:20

SML Movie First Day Of School!

SML Movie Happy Merry Christmas!15:46

SML Movie Happy Merry Christmas!

This season, Jeffy was introduced. He has since became a major SML character. Over the course of the season he became a very controversial character. Many people panned him for his behavior around Mario and eventually Bowser Junior, and others loved him. Since Jeffy was introduced, his behaviour has caused swearing to become more and more common throughout SML as the season progressed. Due to Jeffy's Introduction and Bowser Junior's major character development throughout the Season, Season 8 has often been criticized by SML fans for having brutal character derailment, bland humour and numerous clichés due to Jeffy's pre-character development behavior towards Mario and Bowser Junior's character development throughout the season.

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
173 Mario's Turtle Problem! January 1, 2016 Mario and Rosalina find a turtle in the road. Rosalina wants to keep it but Mario can not let go of his past! 
174 Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!

January 6, 2016

Bowser Junior steals a candy bar from the gas station! And the guilt eats at him!
175 Truth Or Dare! January 11, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends play truth or dare!
176 Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket! January 13, 2016 Bowser Junior buys a lottery ticket to try to win ONE BILLION dollars!
177 Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem! January 18, 2016 Black Yoshi is having some girlfriend problems!
178 Cool Cody! January 21, 2016 Cody is tired of being made fun of! He is ready to be cool!
179 Mario The Babysitter! January 24, 2016 Mario is having a good time until he gets a knock at the door!
180 The Ouija Board! January 29, 2016 Junior, and his friends with a 'Ouija' board, and Ken gets possessed.
181 Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel! February 3, 2016 Bowser Junior, and his friends make a 'YouTube' channel!
182 Cody's Sister! February 7, 2016 Cody's sister is visiting, Bowser Junior, and Joseph fight for her love!
183 Bowser Junior's All Nighter! February 10, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends see who can stay up the longest!
184 Mario's Valentines Day Problem! February 14, 2016 Mario is spending Valentines Day with both Rosalina and Peach!
185 Bowser Junior's Clown Car! February 19, 2016 Bowser is going through a box of his old childhood memories and his son Bowser Junior finds something he wants to play with!
186 Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend! February 23, 2016 Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend wants to visit her after years of not talking! But he's a fighter! Mario gets jealous.
187 Bowser Junior's Cookies! February 26, 2016 Bowser Junior wants Chef Pee Pee to get him cookies! But Chef Pee Pee forgets....
188 Cody's Birthday! February 29, 2016 Cody's Birthday is February 29th, which only happens on a leap year! Junior and Joseph throw Cody a birthday party to celebrate him being 2 years old!
189 Mario's Hobo Problem! March 3, 2016 Mario needs someone to unclog the toilet for him, so he hires a homeless man to do it!
190 The Alien! March 8, 2016 An Alien comes to visit.
191 Bowser Junior's Game Night 3 March 11, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends meet Jeffy! They have a game night together!
192 Cody's Revenge! March 15, 2016 Cody blackmails Junior!
193 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 3 March 19, 2016 Rosalina and Jeffy play Who Wants To be A Millionaire!
194 The Koopalings! March 23, 2016 Remake of The Koopa Kids! 

I decided to remake this video since I moved out of my parents house and did not feel comfortable with the names/voices. So this is the new koopa kids! I will be continuing this video!

195 Jeffy's Special Easter! March 27, 2016 Happy Easter! Jeffy spends his first Easter with Mario and Rosalina!
196 Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza! April 1, 2016 This is a April Fools Day video! We decided to play as the characters in real life! Once again this is just a joke video, we will continue to make plush videos!
197 The Purge! April 5, 2016 The Purge is happening! Bowser Junior needs to stay safe!
198 Jeffy's Homework! April 9, 2016 Jeffy has to be homeschooled! 
199 Pop Rocks & Coke! April 10, 2016 Junior and his friends think you will explode if you eat Pop Rocks and drink Coke!
200 Bowser Junior Gets Rabies! April 13, 2016 Bowser Junior gets bitten by a squirrel with rabies!
201 Bowser's Goldfish! April 17, 2016 Bowser wants a goldfish just like Charleyyys! But Junior starts to play with it.
202 Where's Jeffy? April 21, 2016 Rosalina goes out of town and leaves Mario in charge of watching Jeffy and her necklace. Mario takes Jeffy to the park and can not find him!
203 The 1UP! April 25, 2016 Mario's Grandpa dies and Mario wants to bring him back to life!
204 The Elevator! April 28, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends get stuck in an Elevator on their way to meet Doofy The Dragon!
205 The Tarantula! May 2, 2016 Bowser Junior's Dog runs away so he needs a new pet!
206 Bowser Junior Learns Karate! May 6, 2016 Bowser Junior meets a Bully on the playground! He wants to learn Karate to defend himslef
207 Bowser Junior's Painting! May 10, 2016 Bowser Junior creates a painting worth $50 Million Dollars!
208 Bowser Junior's Bad Luck! May 13, 2016 Bowser Junior breaks a mirror and has a lot of bad luck!
209 Jeffy's Bedtime! May 17, 2016 It is time for Jeffy to go to bed!
210 Bowser Junior's Credit Card! May 21, 2016 Bowser Junior gets a credit card!
211 Bowser Junior's Playtime 4 May 25, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends play pretend house!
212 The Cat In The Hat May 28, 2016 The Cat in the Hat shows up to Junior's Apartment!
213 Jeffy Gets Potty Trained! June 2, 2016 Jeffy needs to learn how to use the toilet!
214 Bowser Junior's Nintendo 3DS June 9, 2016 Bowser Junior wants a NEW Nintendo 3DS! All his friends have one!
215 Black Yoshi's Blank Check! June 14, 2016 Black Yoshi receives a blank welfare check from the government. What he does with it is very very irresponsible!
216 Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 1 June 18, 2016 Bowser Junior is sent off to Military School to learn how to respect others and be disciplined!
217 The Fishing Trip! June 23, 2016 Bowser and his son go on a fishing trip. Mario and Jeffy tag along!
218 Pokemon Part 6 June 28, 2016 Bowser Junior continues his quest to find a Poliwhirl!
219 Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2 July 2, 2016 Bowser Junior is finished with Military School, but he is not the same.
220 Bowser Junior's Game Night 4 July 6, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends play board games!!!
221 Jeffy's Stupid Home Video! July 10, 2016 Mario sees that he can win $100,000 if he sends in a stupid home video for a contest!
222 Cody The Magician! July 13, 2016 Cody has some cool magic tricks to show Junior and Joseph!
223 Jeffy's Cellphone! July 17, 2016 Mario decides to get Jeffy a cellphone!
224 Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun! July 21, 2016 Bowser Junior is invited by NASA to be the first person to land on the sun!
225 Jeffy's Bad Word! July 25, 2016 Mario accidentally says a bad word, and Jeffy won't stop repeating it!
226 Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise! July 27, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends throw Chef Pee Pee a surprise birthday party!
227 Bowser Junior Sneaks Out! July 31, 2016 Bowser Junior is sneaky sneaky. We got in trouble by the apartment complex because we threw a blanket out of a three story window and the neighbors thought it was some kid trying to escape lol.
228 Joseph's House! August 4, 2016 Bowser Junior and Cody go to Joseph's mansion.
229 Jeffy's Mistake! August 7, 2016 Jeffy breaks Black Yoshi's Xbox One.
230 Bowser Junior's Game Night 5 August 10, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends have another game night!!
231 SuperPowers! August 14, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends get SuperPowers!
232 Jeffy Sleepwalks! August 18, 2016 Jeffy is sleepwalking and making messes!
233 Jeffy's Birthday! August 21, 2016 Jeffy has a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's!
234 Evil Chef Pee Pee! August 25, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends accidentally murder Chef Pee Pee with a water balloon.
235 Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear! August 28, 2016 Bowser Junior is suffering from Sidonglobophobia!
236 The Gun! September 1, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends find a gun while playing with a metal detector!
237 Jeffy's Sister! September 4, 2016 Jeffy's Sister comes to visit.
238 Rosalina's Parents! September 8, 2016 Rosalina's Parents are coming to visit!
239 The Dog Show! September 11, 2016 Bowser Junior enters Chompy in a Dog Show!
240 Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank! September 15, 2016 Bowser Junior wants a HOT new toy! But his dad says he has to save his own money!
241 Bowser Junior's Package! September 18, 2016 Bowser Junior orders a package. AND SOMEONE STEALS IT!
242 Jeffy's Favorite Song! September 22, 2016 Jeffy hears a new song and falls in love with it!
243 Jeffy Goes To The Zoo! September 25, 2016 Based On A True Story. Mario Takes Jeffy To The Zoo!
244 Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday! September 28, 2016 Bowser Junior is having his birthday at Chuckie Cheeseee.e...55fnaf
245 Bowser Junior Gets His Nose Pierced! October 10, 2016 Bowser Junior sees that Chef Pee Pee has his ear pierced so he wants to get his nose pierced!
246 The Hitman! October 13, 2016 Mario is tired of Jeffy so he hires a hitman!
247 The Koopalings! Part 2 October 16, 2016 This is the LAST video in the apartment!
248 The New House! October 20, 2016 Bowser and Mario's family move into a new house!
249 Broken October 23, 2016 Ken is broken. What will Cody do?
250 The Ring! October 27, 2016 Mario is going to propose to Rosalina, but something happens to the ring.
251 Happy Halloween! October 31, 2016 It is Jeffy's first Halloween!
252 Jeffy's Flu Shot! November 3, 2016 It's Flu season! That means Jeffy needs to get his FLU shot!
253 Bowser Junior's Pillow Fort! November 6, 2016 Bowser Junior makes a pillow fort! But Cody isn't allowed to bring Ken.
254 Black Yoshi The Assistant! November 10, 2016 Black Yoshi really wants the New Call Of Duty, he will do anything for it! Anything.
255 Forsaken November 13, 2016 Ken leaves Cody for Junior. Well kinda. It's complicated.
256 The Past Machine! November 20, 2016 Cody invents a past machine that can bring anything back from the past!
257 Turkey Tyranny! November 24, 2016 The President bans Turkeys and makes them illegal to have on Thanksgiving. What will Mario do when Rosalina's parents threaten to destroy the planet if they do not eat turkey?
258 Chef Pee Pee's Kids November 27, 2016 Bowser Junior and Cody make Chef Pee Pee's Kids. I don't know it's a mess.
259 Bowser Junior's Game Night 6 December 4, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends play board games for the sixth time!
260 Smart Jeffy December 8, 2016 Jeffy becomes smart after a freak accident!
261 Jeffy Loses His Teeth! December 14, 2016 Jeffy loses his teeth and meets the tooth fairy!
262 First Day Of School! December 17, 2016 It is Bowser Junior and Jeffy's first day of school!
263 Taken December 22, 2016 Ken gets taKEN! Get it? Good. Now watch.
264 Happy Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016 Have a Happy Merry Christmas!
265 Big Ears! December 29, 2016 Bowser Junior doesn't have ears! So, he gets a special surgery!

Season 9: 2017 (The New Era with a New House/Jeffy's Golden Age)

This is the current season of SML. Compared to previous seasons, the new era has begun to introduce many more videos with deeper plots than previous seasons, adding more lore than ever before to the SML canon. This season has had more swearing than last season, and has also begun to introduce videos featuring a wide majority of the SML cast. Thus far, the 9th season has been so far met with mixed to average reviews with some saying that Logan is starting to improve. Unfortunately, later throughout the year, the season has suddenly been met with similar lesser criticism to what the 8th Season received with a lot of diehard fans questioning if the series is getting worse or not. This is the first season to result in well documented YouTube drama about behind the scenes stuff and is also the first season to have many videos end up on the YouTube trending page. The new era is one of the most important seasons in the history of SML Movies, since not only has Logan gained the most subscribers in a season, but his channel has begun to be at its most popular heights in history. This season has been noted from taking great inspiration in some of it's plots from Spongebob, and similarities in the style of humor to that of Aqua Teen Hunger Force have been noted as well (namely, both make prevalent usage of pop-culture references, use negative continuity to kill characters at the end and have them come back in the following episodes, with doses of surreal comedy, vulgar humor, sexual innuendo, and gory violence)

Ep Name Release Date Description
266 The Quiet Game! January 2, 2017 Jeffy has to be quiet.
267 Substitute Teacher! January 5, 2017 Jackie Chu is sick, so, there is a substitute teacher!
268 Jeffy's Pet! January 10, 2017 Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet.
269 The Bake Sale! January 19, 2017 After Joseph breaks every bone in his body, trying to pull off a crazy stunt, Junior and Cody have to raise money to pay for his medical bills!
270 Jeffy's Parents! January 23, 2017 We finally get to see who Jeffy's real parents are after Mario first met him at the apartment complex a year ago!
271 Bowser Junior's Curse! January 27, 2017 Bowser Junior gets the Corn Dog Curse from throwing corn dogs outside!
272 Inside Jeffy January 30, 2017 We go inside Jeffy's brain to see what makes him the way he is!
273 Netflix and Kill February 2, 2017 Bowser Junior and his friends watch a haunted movie that kills you seven days after you watch it!
274 Root Beer! February 6, 2017 Junior and his friends drink a lot of root beer, and get drunk!
275 Chef Pee Pee The Robot February 10, 2017 Junior and his friends think Chef Pee Pee is a robot.
276 The Love Potion! February 14, 2017 Junior thinks the new girl in school is HOT! So, Cody makes a love potion to make her fall in love with Junior!
277 Joseph Moves In! February 18, 2017 Joseph's trailer catches on fire, so, he asks Junior if he can live with him. Junior says yes, but, will he regret his decision?
278 Jeffy Gets Stung By A Bee! February 23, 2017 Jeffy gets stung by a bee while trying to eat it.
279 Bowser Junior Goes To The Future! February 27, 2017 Bowser Junior is frozen for fifty years! Kind of...
280 Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Camping! March 2, 2017 Bowser Junior's friends want to go camping, but, Junior is afraid of sleeping out side.
281 Nintendo Switch March 4, 2017 Mario is given a Nintendo Switch that he must sell to an investor for Nintendo.
282 1 2 Switch Bodies! March 8, 2017 Bowser Junior and Jeffy switch bodies while playing '1,2 Switch' on the Nintendo Switch and have to find out how to switch back to their original bodies!
283 Jeffy The Rapper! March 13, 2017 Jeffy becomes a rapper! But, is the thug life too tough for him?
284 Mistaken March 20, 2017 Cody accidentally leaves Ken with Junior and Joseph...
285 Bowser Junior's Playtime 5 March 26, 2017 Bowser Junior, Cody, Jeffy and Joseph play house for the fifth time!
286 Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie! March 30, 2017 Bowser Junior and his friends sneak into a rated R movie!
287 Jeffy's Fun Day! April 1, 2017 APRIL FOOLS 2017! Originaly titled:

'SuperMarioLogan The Movie!'. This video has triggered over twenty thousand people!

288 Loch Ness Monster! April 5, 2017 Bowser Junior thinks the Loch Ness Monster lives in the lake in his backyard.
289 The Baby Project! April 9, 2017 In class, Junior, Jeffy, Cody, Joseph, Toad and Patrick are given babies they have to take care of for 1 whole day! Will they pass the grade?
290 The Couch! April 12, 2017 Shrek causes an accident on the couch.
291 The Golden Egg! April 16, 2017 It is Easter! And there is a golden egg hidden somewhere in the house!
292 Jeffy Loses His Pencil! April 19, 2017 What the title says.
293 The Mystery Safe! April 24, 2017 Bowser Junior finds a mystery safe in his backyard!
294 The Dead Body! April 27, 2017 Mario accidentally runs over Hansel, and kills him. Mario and Jeffy try to hide the body without getting caught.
295 Cody's Missing! April 30, 2017 Cody is missing from all Nintendo games!!!
296 Jeffy's New Toy May 5, 2017 Jeffy gets a new toy!
297 Bowser Junior's Big Spill! May 7, 2017 Bowser Junior spills his drink and puts the blame on Chef Pee Pee!
298 The Secret Door! May 10, 2017 Mario, Jeffy and Rosalina are playing hide and seek. But, Jeffy opens the secret door...
299 Drawing Jeffy! May 14, 2017 Jeffy's pencil in his nose can make drawings come to life!
300 Jeffy's Piggy Bank! May 19, 2017 Mario gets Jeffy a piggy bank to keep all his money safe!

Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!

May 25, 2017 Mario needs Chef Pee Pee to babysit Jeffy!
302 Black Yoshi's Scam! May 28, 2017 Black Yoshi scams people out of a million dollars!
303 Jeffy's Fidget Spinner! May 31, 2017 Mario buys Jeffy a fidget spinner, so, he will stop being annoying to everyone!
304 Stuck! June 6, 2017 Bowser Junior and his friends get stuck in the couch!
305 Jeffy And The Beanstalk! June 10, 2017 Jeffy buries all his green beans in the backyard.
306 Jeffy Sneaks Out! June 15, 2017 Jeffy wants to go to the movies with Junior, but, Mario will not let him, so, he decides to sneak out!
307 2 Tickets June 18, 2017 Bowser Junior wins two tickets to punch in the Face-a-thon, but, can only take a friend!
308 The Bet! June 21, 2017 Chef Pee Pee is entering "The Best Chef Competition"! Mario need to pay his house payment to Mr. Goodman, but he does not have the money to pay for it...
309 Jeffy's Brain! June 25, 2017 Jeffy sneezes his brain out.
310 The Magical Button! June 30, 2017 Bowser Junior and his friends find a magical button in the attic!
311 Chef Pee Pee's Accident! July 4,


Oh no Chef Pee Pee! Happy 4th of July!
312 Sunken July 10, 2017 Ken has sunKEN to the bottom of the ocean. It is up to Cody and Junior to save him!
313 Jeffy's TV Show! July 12, 2017 Jeffy and Mario get their own reality TV Show! But they need to change a few things.
314 Jeffy Gets Bullied July 15, 2017 Jeffy is getting bullied at school. Jeffy teaches the bully a lesson!
315 The Fender Bender! July 19, 2017 Mario accidentally rear ends Mr. Goodman!
316 SuperPowers 2 July 24, 2017 Junior and his friends get superpowers again!
317 Shrek's Coma! July 27, 2017 Shrek is in a coma from eating too much cheesecake!
318 The Test! August 8, 2017 There is a BIG test coming up! Junior and his friends have to pass to get a PIZZA PARTY!
319 Black Yoshi's Mistake! August 12, 2017 Black Yoshi needs a new Xbox.
320 Chef Pee Pee The Octopus! August 17, 2017 Bowser Junior thinks Chef Pee Pee wants to be an octopus!
321 Jeffy's Birthday Wish! August 21, 2017 It's Jeffy's 13th birthday! The same day as the solar eclipse!
322 Picture Day! August 27, 2017 It's picture day at school! Who will have the best picture?
323 Spoken August 31, 2017 Cody wants to prove to his friends that Ken is real!
324 Jeffy's Shirt! September 3, 2017 Jeffy's shirt gets dirty and Mario has to wash it!
325 Jeffy's Home Alone! September 8, 2017 Mario leaves Jeffy home alone!
326 Bowser Junior's Doll! September 11, 2017 Bowser Junior gets a new doll!
327 Bigfoot! September 15, 2017 Bowser Junior and his friends try to find Bigfoot!
328 Jeffy Breaks His Helmet! September 19, 2017 Jeffy needs a new helmet because he broke his old one!
329 Chef Pee Pee's Bucket List! September 23, 2017 Chef Pee Pee has one day to live!
330 Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! September 29, 2017 Bowser Junior's grounded on his birthday! But that won't stop him from throwing a party.
331 Jeffy's Trap! October 5, 2017 Jeffy doesn't want to go to school he so tries to trap Mario.
332 Jeffy's Cat Piano Problem! October 8, 2017 Mario takes Jeffy's Cat Piano and Jeffy wants it back!
333 Friday The 13th! October 13, 2017 It's Friday the 13th and Junior thinks something bad is gonna happen!
334 Bowser Junior's Game Night 7 October 19, 2017 Junior and his friends play board games!
335 The Monster! October 22, 2017 There is a monster under Jeffy's bed!
336 Mario's New Hat! October 27, 2017 Mario gets a new hat after his old hat gets destroyed!
337 Joseph's Mom! October 31, 2017 It's been 2 years and Joseph doesn't know what happened to his mom... or does he?
338 Jeffy's Dog! November 5, 2017 Jeffy gets a dog!
339 Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Special Edition! November 10, 2017 Black Yoshi wants the NEW Call of Duty Special Edition!
340 Jeffy's Bike! November 14, 2017 Jeffy get a bike for getting good grades on his report card!
341 Cody's Amiibo! November 20, 2017 Cody finds out they didn't make an amibo of him and he is MAD!
342 Black Yoshi's Black Friday! November 23, 2017 Black Yoshi goes black Friday shopping and gets in trouble!
343 Jeffy Gets Help! November 27, 2017 Jeffy is acting really bad, so Mario wants to get him some help!
344 Bowser Junior Gets Sick! December 1, 2017 Bowser Junior is sick and doesn't have anyone to take care of him!
345 Jeffy's Kids! December 5, 2017 Jeffy has kids with his cheerio box!
346 The Diamond! December 10, 2017 Goodman needs Mario to take care of his diamond!

Upcoming Videos

Lost Episodes

Logan has deleted various episodes of the show. Some of these aren't Logan's past videos, but they are no longer on YouTube, and are simply connected to SuperMarioLogan, therefore they are "lost episodes".

NOTE: All of these episodes can be found on the SMLArchive YouTube channel.

  3. Logan's Old Russian School Video Project
  4. Logan's Old Russian School Video Project 2
  5. mario cant find a movie to watch!!!
  7. Deadly Boredom
  8. Happy Birthday FroggyCompany!
  10. PS3 Review
  11. SuperMarioLogan Racism Techno Remix
  12. Stupid and Black Remix feat. SuperMarioLogan
  14. Unknown SML Flash Video
  15. FroggyCompany singing
  16. Mario Kart Wii: SuperMarioLogan vs. Dalekjd
  17. FroggyCompany Archive
  18. Black Yoshi's Girlfriend (Original)
  19. Shrek's Diet! (Original)
  20. Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 2 (Original)
  21. The President's Chef! (Original)
  22. Cody's Birthday! (Original)
  23. Smart Jeffy (Original)
  24. The Monster! (Original)

Unreleased Episodes

These are episodes Logan has made but were never uploaded.

  1. Bowser Junior's Doggy
  2. Bowser Junior's New Doggy
  3. Bowser Junior's Cellphone 2
  4. Bowser Junior's Puppy!
  5. Bowser Junior goes to the mall!
  6. Shrek's Cheesy Date
  7. Mario's Grandpa Moves Out!
  8. Chef Pee Pee goes to New York
  9. Bowser's Addiction
  10. Bowser Junior's Cavity
  11. The Retarded Robbery
  12. Deadly Boredom
  13. Bowser Junior's Mistake 
  14. Short Mario (said by Logan in a SML reviewer live stream)

Scrapped Episodes

Main article: List of known Scrapped Episodes


SML Movies have gotten a generally positive reception ever since SuperMarioLogan was started. Many People find the comedy to be very hilarious as well as find the characters fun and lovable and the plots to be very creative. YouTubers dabhdude, SML Reviewer and FlameyCat review SML Movies and other videos of the channel, and generally gives them positive reviews.

Mixed Reactions To Newer Videos

People have recently been negatively reacting to recent SML Movies, and claim that Bowser, Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, and other new characters such as Cody, Joseph, and the puppet characters have taken away the spotlight from classic characters such as Mario, Black Yoshi, Shrek, Woody, Mr. Pig, and Tony the Tiger, similar to how Scrappy-Doo was blamed for Scooby-Doo's decline in quality in the 1980s. They generally also claim this is like when Hanna Barbera made many spin-offs of their series in the 1970s and 1980s for shows like Scooby-Doo and The Flinstones and more such as, Fred and Barney Meet The Thing, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo, The New Tom & Jerry Show, The New Yogi Bear Show, The Flintstone Kids, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines.

There are also people who like this new change. Many People say that since the old jokes got very unfunny, the new jokes were a breath of fresh air.

People have also been negatively reacting to the constant torture of Chef Pee Pee and Mario, not to mention Chef Pee Pee's insane yelling, whining, and complaining. The fans label this "Chef Pee Pee and Mario torture porn".

Fans have also been complaining about the staff exaggerating the characters in newer videos; mainly Chef Pee Pee, Junior, Bowser, Toad, Shrek and Black Yoshi, similar to how Inspector Gadget's stupidity has been exaggerated in many spin-offs of his show (such as Gadget and the Gadgetinis, Inspector Gadget's Best Caper Ever, and the 2015 DHX Media series and the Garfield, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and Yogi Bear live-action movies.)

Logan himself actually admits he's sick of Junior as well and wants to use Mario and his friends more often, but he can't because he says it's hard to think of ideas for the other characters. People have labeled this as the Dork Age of SML.

Use Of Controversial Themes

SML Movies have gotten controversy for adult-only themes in the videos in recent years. In early years (2009-early 2014), they got their fair balance of appropriate and inappropriate humor. In recent years, SML Movies have made jokes about more serious things such as racism, sexism, religion jokes, pedophiles, politically incorrect themes, and jokes about pop culture and serious problems such as Ebola, people often find it offensive. When Logan and his friends found out how negative people (especially Asian fans) reacted to the "Asians eat cats" joke, they decided to stop using it. SML's "fanboys" often attack people who give their opinion on an SML video with racist jokes. But 2016 was laden with controversy, with 8 videos being largely hated by fans, especially Jeffy's Bad Word, which is the most disliked SML Movie with almost 4K thumbs down.

However, there are many others who actually prefer newer videos, thinking they are funnier.

YouTube Kids Incidents

Because the series makes use of plushes, and several other kinds of toys such as plastic dolls or Thomas The Tank Engine merchandise, such as a bed and many toys, SML Movies have been frequently confused by YouTube to be aimed at children, despite the show's actually uses inappropriate content at times, such as characters cursing (saying words like shit, faggot, what the fuck and son of a bitch). For example, one of the movies, Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!, was discovered on YouTube Kids on one occasion, possibly believed to be due to confusion over the movie's title and description, making YouTube suggest that it is aimed at particularly younger children. However, it actually depicts footage of riots (as Harambe, a late gorilla that used to live at the Cincinnati Zoo, is shot and killed during the episode), has several uses of the word "dick", and also includes a scene that depicts Mario showing his genitals on live TV for all to see (although this scene is censored, it is still very suggestive).

  • This incident and similar incidents have generated significant controversy with the YouTube Kids app, with the most controversial example being a video from a terminated channel named Superkidz Finger Family, a channel that used to publish videos of the popular Nursery Rhyme, Finger Family, however, in mid-2016, some mothers uploaded videos in Facebook warning other parents about a video in the channel, which included a segment showing the popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse and his family dressed as Deadpool, a fictional superhero made by Marvel whose movie is rated R, shooting each other and committing suicide (despite the blood being yellow instead of red), after this incident happened, the channel started deleting videos from itself and was terminated in mid-September 2016.

The first video from SML that was discovered on YouTube Kids was The Christmas Special!, despite not being as inappropriate as other videos, the GetRekt scene could be considered inappropriate, and despite the SunnyPuppets company making devil puppets, Craig the Devil might be considered inappropriate.

The second video discovered on YouTube Kids was Mario's Valentines Day Problem!, in one scene, Mario tells Peach that she is a bitch, despite being censored, it's still inappropriate.

The latest video from SML found in YouTube Kids is Joseph's House!, even though a clown is shown about to enage in sexual behavior with a skeleton (even mentioning he's getting a boner), and there being a fair amount of profanity.

Demonitized Videos

Recently, many of Logan's videos are demonetized as shown in Chilly's Vlog and Logan's Instagram which means that Logan's video are unable to get money from ads. This is cause by extensive swearing or cussing, drugged theme humor, demons, or sexual reference. Some are also demoneitized because the word "Retard " was mentioned. Here are all the demonetized SML video so far.


SML Movies later got multiple spinoffs.

SLL Movies

SLL Movies were the second spinoff to SML Movies. It formerly aired on SuperMarioLogan's 2nd channel SuperLuigiLogan, but were cancelled after their only episode.

SBL Plays

SBL Plays is the fourth (third if not counting the SLL Movies spinoff) spinoff to SML Movies. They (so far) have starred Brooklyn Guy who is playing video games. While in a much different style, as SBL Plays is gameplay footage while SML Movies are stories, they both use comedy, as Brooklyn Guy's comments are sarcastic making fun of video game logic. Logan revived it in 2016, but Brooklyn Guy was replaced with Logan.

Toad Music Videos

The Toad Music Videos are the fifth (fourth if not counting the SLL Movies spinoff) spinoff of the SML Movies series. The SML Movies Episode "SML Movie: Toad is Cool" spawned a spinoff of music videos made by Toad rapping as he becomes a rapper with his partner Ray Cheesy.

SML Specials

SML Specials are another spinoff to SML Movies. It's purpose was to only have episodes on holidays, and only had one Valentine's themed episode.

Baby Shrek

The Baby Shrek series was a classic spinoff of the SML Movies. After the episode, "SML Movie: Baby Shrek", it spawned a spinoff about Baby Shrek's childhood while being raised by Shrek. After episode 2, it got cancelled.

Black Yoshi - Call of Duty

Black Yoshi - Call of Duty was a former SBL Plays inspired spinoff of the SML Movies that centered on Black Yoshi playing call of duty, and having commentary. It had a pilot but ended up cancelled after one episode.


  • Many episodes before they are released are confirmed over Livestreams held by Dabhdude, SML Reviewer, and Flamey Cat.
  • However, sometimes, episodes are confirmed in Logan vlogs posted on Chilly's vlog channel.
  • Sometimes, videos are made 1 day after a previous video.
  • Most videos are uploaded every Thursday & Sunday.
  • Most videos are 10-14 Minutes, but can sometimes be as long as 18-20 minutes.
  • Although the videos contain a series of adult themes, toilet humor, dark humor, and popular culture references and are recommended for ages 13 and up and sometimes much higher age limit, many younger aged kids younger than 13 years of age make up a medium sized percentage of the viewership of SML, although not all. This is an ongoing trend on how young kids are watching 13 and plus older youtube channels.
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