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SML Trailer - Bowser Junior's Broken Leg

SML Trailer is a Youtube Channel who creates fan-made trailers from new SuperMarioLogan Videos to support logan's channel.

DDOS Attack (Twitch Raid)

On August 19 2015, SML Trailer was streaming, Morning Livestream 3, on twitch until a twitch user, Itwitchsupporttom (No Longer Active), was impersonating as a twitch staff and showed up to his stream and asked if he can help out on fixing his stream to make it less laggy and more faster performance. At first, SML Trailer find it weird for, A Twitch Worker, to show up on random livestreams and ask for help but he though it was how twitch work their customer service so he gave it a try.

He Answered a call from, which used to be named, Twitch_Support_Rasaki, and during the call, the impersonator was using a voice changer to talk to SML Trailer while he take his IP Address through skype. During the conversation, SML Trailer turned off his stream stating, "Hold on guys, i'll be right back". The Impersonator then asked for his stream key, which he stated that he can connect to the twitch server and repair the stream. SML Trailer gave the stream key and the impersonator hold the call for a few seconds and then hangs up.

At that point, SML Trailer have a feeling that something isn't right, until a livestream came up to his twitch account with nothing but possibly a computer background for a few seconds until the impersonator showed porn on the stream with the music, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dead Or Alive. The Impersonator stop showing it and uses his real voice to talk on the stream. His last words was, "Stop Streaming", before he ended the stream. SML Trailer blocked him on skype and commented to him on the chat log. During the situation, SML Trailer was freaked out thinking that his personal information would be taken and that his computer would get hacked.

Twitch Comment

SML Trailer immediately take action by deleting the clip, resetting the stream key, report the twitch user, block him on both skype and twitch, and shut off his internet. At that time, the impersonator DDOS his internet but SML Trailer had a slow backup internet so he used it to find the solution to the issue.

DDOS Attack (Twitch Raid) Aftermath and Trojan

One Day Later, SML Trailer got a new internet and he did a system format on his computer. Before that, he manage to collect his files to his google drive. After formatting his computer, he got an anti-virus and did a full system scan to his computer. During the scan, SML Trailer notice the scanning was "Searching for: Trojan" and later the scan was complete with nothing detected. Then, SML Trailer search on his computer for, Trojan, and found some files he discover on his computer. He believed that the files belonged to the impersonator who ddos him. He stated that, "I see a bunch of pictures and files from the impersonator. Most pictures were porn, satellite picture of random locations from google maps, and more s***". SML Trailer then notice that his computer was, Compromised.

Later on, he used his 2 system recovery CD's to replace the OS files with new ones since the impersonator hidden some files in his system to connect with his computer. After the system recovery, his computer was probably clear from any virus/malware at that time but SML Trailer uses the anti-virus again and sees, "Searching for: Trojan" again, which made him believe that the trojan is still in his computer. At the time, SML Trailer was searching online on how to remove it. 

A Month Later, SML Trailer uploaded a video to his channel called, SML Trailer Update: Trojan, through his IPad with iMovie. He explained to the viewers why he hasn't uploaded another fan-made trailer since SML Trailer - Pokemon Part 5, and that he'll return making fan-made trailers again once the trojan is removed.

Trojan Aftermath

The day before he can upload a new fan-made trailer, SML Trailer still think that the trojan is still in the computer, but he decides to take the risk to use his computer anyway.  At the time, when he was using his laptop for hours, nothing happen to his computer so he gain convidence that his computer is free from any virus/malware. Later, he search online wondering why the anti-virus scan saids, "searching for: trojan", "Searching for: backdoor", and more until he discover a page that someone stated that it was "Searching" for the virus. SML Trailer Stated, "I guess i never have a trojan this whole time. The System recovery probably removed it. I can't believe that i though the trojan was still in my computer. Well, at least my computer is working properly. i can't wait to make fan-made trailers again". He then downloaded some files he need from google drive, downloaded sony vegas pro 13, and adobe photoshop cs6. On October 23 2015, he uploaded, SML Trailer - Bowser Junior's Dog!.

SML Trailer then stated, "It's good to be back on my channel making fan-made trailers again. Now that I've learned about the Twitch Raid, I'll make sure that this kind of s*** will never happen again."

Other people that make SML TRAILERS

  • Jeffy makes SML TRAILERS!

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