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Sara Lee Cheesecake is Shrek's favorite food and Shrek eats a lot of there products and after he eats it he craps. It is unknown why Shrek eats Doritos, McDonald's and cheesecake non stop. Shrek's Nightmare, it is revealed that Sara Lee stopped making cheesecake products. In Toad's Mistake 3, Shrek kills toad for eating his cheesecake.


  • In the SML Special: Valentine's Day, Shrek and his Cheesecake are valentines.
  • In the SML Movie: Mario's Valentine's Day Problem, Shrek's Cheesecake is confirmed to be his one true valentine.
  • According to Baby Shrek, Shrek is married to Sara Lee and had Baby Shrek, who was born through Shrek's butthole.
  • She is the mother of Baby Shrek