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Sheila Perkins is Bowser's ex-wife and the main antagonist in The Koopa Kids. She returns to Bowser's house when she is unable to handle all six of her children and seems to have romantic feelings for Chef Pee Pee, who she later rapes.

Rape victims


  • In The Koopa Kids!, Bowser tells his son that Sheila is his mother. But Bowser Junior was conceived by Peach in the Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures episode, Baby Mutant Turtles (his first appearance). It's possible than this episode is non-canonical or Peach is a surrogate mother.
  • In the Bowser Juice Xtreme commercial, Bowser mentions a different woman's name. Bowser may have mistaken her name "Sheila" for "Sharon".
  • Sheila was mistook by Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee for being Bowser dressed as a woman.
  • Some fans say that she speaks and acts similar to Rasputia from the 2007 Eddie Murphy comedy 'Norbit'.
  • The character was no longer canon as of 2016.
  • Sheila is being Bowser Junior's mother.
  • The plush used for her is a bootleg Bowser plush Logan received while trying to replace his original Bowser, which he lost.
  • She is 56.[1]

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