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Shrek Ogre

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Sara Lee Cheesecake,BLACK YOSHI,WOODY


Chef PeePee
Black Yoshi,SKITTLES,

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Main Character Judging

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AGE: 2


Shrek is an ogre and a supporting character of SuperMarioLogan. He is a parody of the DreamWorks character Shrek. He is majorly obsessed with eating SaraLee cheesecake, which plays a role in stressing out Mario (because Shrek constantly asks/forces him to buy some). A running gag throughout the series is him saying "donkey" (which is occasionally Mario's nickname given by Shrek). Although he does have an antagonistic nature, which is shown throughout the series, he is not necessarily a villain due to his childish actions and his affectionate side (primarily towards his son).


Shrek won the main character judging and picked Tour Guide for Today along with Noquiero Tacobell as other characters. His longest appearance is probably Shrek's Nightmare. He also appeared in Season 2 of MLSDA series and Shrek's Big Crap where he got the entry in the Guinness World Records for World's Biggest Dump.

Shrek is seen to be somewhat friends with Mario, whom he refers to as "Donkey," friends with Black Yoshi, whom he refers to as "Black Donkey." His best ally is probably Black Yoshi partially because he accompanies him in assassinating Skittles, an African "Froot Loop" bird adopted by Woody. They, along with Woody, Tony, Jackie Chu, Mr. Pig, and others, are voiced by Lance (Logan's brother). He is also seen to get along with Woody who he calls by his proper name (which is ironic due to his nicknames for a lot of other people).

Black Yoshi and ShrekEdit


"Shrek and Black Yoshi."

Shrek and Black Yoshi are seen to get along well and could be friends. They often team up with each other (mostly to kill someone). In Doritos Super Bowl XLIV Commercial RARE, he and Black Yoshi both caused Toad to die by killing him for eating their Doritos. In The Bird, Skittles, an African "Froot Loop" bird that Woody adopted, ate Shrek's McDonald's food and messed with Black Yoshi's Call of Duty game (which he does not like). This resulted in them teaming up to assassinate Skittles, in which they succeed at doing so. But, the assassination backfires for them when the news reports that the zoo in which Skittles was kept was offering a $20,000,000 reward to who ever could bring her back alive. They were disappointed about losing their one-time chance at getting wealthy. In Toad is Cool, he and Black Yoshi teamed up again, but to oppose Toad and Ray Cheesy through a rap battle.

Appearances Edit

  • Main Character Judging
  • Main Character Judging Results
  • Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake
  • Shrek's Crappy Wish


"Ehh, donkey!" "Cheeesecaaake!!" "I need to take a crap!" "DARNIT!! Darnit, Donkey!" "McDonalds! MMMMM!!!!" "I'M WANT ANYONE TOUCH MY BEBE!!!!" "MISTER STEIN DONKEY."

"I Will Never Eat My Cheesecake! I am having. . .Thoose!"


  • Shrek calls Mario Donkey because "He smells like a donkey."
  • He calls everyone "Donkey" except for Woody and Baby Shrek, whom he calls "Junior".
  • Shrek is the only character from Main Character Judging that is still in the show.
  • Shrek is the only known character to only eat and make supposed love to his favorite food, cheesecake.
  • Shrek believes he and Mario look the same and believes they are family when it is completely obvious they are not as Mario has stated this many times but Shrek just ignores him.
  • Shrek has been known to clog the toilet on more than one occasion and the resulting fallout ends up with a random character either dying or suffocating. Usually Toad is the victim.
  • Shrek is known to have a very short temper and this usually occurs when he doesn't get food or when someone disturbs him. This is noticable in the SML short: The Bird when the bird Woody brings home eats Shreks Mc'Donalds and disturbs him when he is making love/ eating his cheesecake in his room.
  • After eating the super hot African shrimpo pepper, Shrek becomes a super hero known as Iron-Shrek but he refers to himself as Iron-Donkey.
  • Shrek believes his butt is an ATM.
  • Toad ate Shrek's cheesecake in Toad's Mistake 3, where Shrek killed Toad by drowning him in a toilet, relieving himself on him, and by shredding him in a blender.



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