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-Shrek's catchphrase
-Shrek's catchphrase
Shrek is a main character of SuperMarioLogan.


Shrek was originally from the Dreamworks' Shrek film series and he won the Main Character Judging and picked Tour Guide for Today along with Mario as other things like thus His longest appearance is probably Shrek's Life Story. He also appeared in Season 2 of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. He makes a few cameos in the background of Logan's early videos such as, Tony's Life Story.


Shrek is a disgusting overweighted ogre who was born in Inverness,Scotland in 1957 He then moved to Waterford, Ireland after he finished Worcestershire Academy in the late 1970's in 2008 he left Waterford, Ireland and then moved to Pensacola, Florida because he had been selected to go on Main Character Judging and since he has won the award he now lives with Mario, Black Yoshi, Woody, Tony the Tiger, Mr. Pig and Toad, who now mooches off Mario by living with him without any payback. Shrek is obsessed with eating Cheesecake and taking craps. He is so obsessed with cheesecake that he literally has sex with it, has eaten so much that his veins are filled with cheese, and that he murdered Toad for eating his cheesecake. Shrek also is obsessed with taking "craps" in the bathroom. He at one point even got his own sewer just to contain his crap. His obsessions lead him to wasting his entire life eating cheesecake, taking crape, and just generally being gross.

Shrek is shown to sometimes extremely cruel to just about everyone. He has shoved a corn-dog up Mario's butt, forced Mario to drink his diarrhea simply because Mario wouldn't give him toilet paper, brutally murdered Toad multiple times, thrown Toad out of the house, as well as making Toad eat his crap on multiple occasions, making a extremely hurtful and mean rap against Toad with Black Yoshi, and much more.




Shrek refers Mario to donkey as he can been seen pestering him sometimes and he asks him to get toilet paper when crapping, In Shrek's Big Crap, He asked donkey (Mario) to get him coke and he refused to give it to him and when he uses up toilet paper he blames Mario that he used it all up and he clogged the toilet. For some reason, Mario hasn't kicked him out despite all the cruel things Shrek has done to him.

Black Yoshi

Shrek and Black Yoshi are seen to get along well and could be friends or in a creepy pansexual relationship. They often team up with each other (mostly to kill someone). In Skittle's Death, he and Black Yoshi both caused Skittles to die by killing him for eating their Cheesecake and McDonalds. In The Bird ,Skittles, a rare extinct African Bird" that Woody adopted, ate Shrek's 's Cheesecake bale and messed with Black Yoshi's Call of Duty (which he does likes). This resulted in them teaming up to assassinate Extinct African bird , in which they succeed at doing so. But, the assassination backfires for them when the news reports that the zoo in which The Bird was kept was offering a $20,000 reward to who ever could bring her back alive. In Toad is Cool, he and Black Yoshi teamed up again, but to oppose Toad and Ray Cheesey through a rap battle.

Chef Pee Pee

Shrek and Chef Pee Pee are good friends. When Mario refused to get Shrek some Cheesecake, Shrek asked Chef Pee Pee to make him some. Shrek is also seen calling Chef Pee Pee multiple other names such as Chef C*ck, Chef Penis, Chef Peehole, Chef Donkey and Chef Weiner. Shrek tells the Chef that he will pay him $50 an hour to make him homemade cheesecake. Chef Pee Pee agrees to do so and puts melted cheese on a Zebra Cake. Disappointed in Chef's work, Shrek decides to change Chef Pee Pee's job to wiping his butt after he takes a huge crap. Chef Pee Pee refuses the job opportunity and returns to working for Bowser.


  • "I think we need to call Guinness we got a new world record here!"
  • "Oh darn I dropped my cheesecake!"
  • "CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!"
  • "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love reading my book while taking a crap!"
  • "But my Cheesecake!"
  • "Eat the dorito poo poo, and the cheesecake!"
  • "Black donkey, I'm gonna kill that bird!"
  • "Look what you did donkey!"
  • "Oh donkey I'm taking a crap!"
  • "Hello toilet your so gorgeous, you and I are gonna real close in the next few days."
  • "Your mine now mushroom donkey!"
  • "Uh.. Mr. Steindonkey! Uh, this isn't called a culinary cheesecake class?"
  • "Oh, I guess my question's been answered. Good bye everybody!"
  • "I guess Toad wouldn't mind if I turn on the blender!"
  • "Err, because he ate my cheesecake, donkey!"
  • "I don't even need to flush thanks little bugger!!!"
  • "I gotta clean my butthole"
  • "Well donkey you can't rush perfection okay, but if you want I can shake it out for you"
  • "That was a good crap, I'm ready for some cheesecake!!!!! with strawberries and blueberries!"
  • "Oh no! I pooped in the tub again!"
  • Oh don't be too upset donkey, the bathtub did drain everything, well mostly everything"


  • Shrek calls Mario "Donkey".
    • He also calls Black Yoshi "Black Donkey" Luigi "Green Donkey" and Toad "Mushroom Donkey".
    • He calls everyone "weird names" except for Woody and Baby Shrek, whom he calls "Junior".
    • He calls Chef Pee Pee different inappropriate names.
  • Shrek is the only character from Main Character Judging who is still in the show.
  • Shrek is the only known character to only eat and make love to his favorite food, cheesecake.
  • Shrek believes he and Black Yoshi have the same skin colours but they don't; Shrek just loves him.
  • Shrek has been known to clog the toilet on more than one occasion and the resulting fallout ends up with a random character either dying or suffocating. Usually Toad is the victim.
  • Shrek is known to have a very short temper and this usually occurs when he doesn't get food or when someone disturbs him. This is noticeable in the The Bird when Skittles eats Shrek's McDonalds and disturbs him when he is making love with/eating his cheesecake in his room.
  • After eating the super hot shrimpo droppings, Shrek becomes a superhero known as Iron-Shrek but he refers to himself as Iron-Donkey.
  • Shrek believes his shorts mean good luck.
  • When Toad ate Shrek's cheesecake in Toad's Mistake 3, Shrek insults Toad by trying to cut him, putting him in the toilet, and by killing him in a blender.
  • He believes his butt is an ATM.
  • In the alternate dimension, he takes pees instead of craps, he likes sweet peas instead of cheesecake, and he calls Mario "camel" instead of "donkey".
  • It is revealed in Shrek's Diet that he has an immunity to diabetes, and that he has Velveeta cheese as his blood due to eating so much cheesecake.
  • When he's very excited, he flaps his arms like a bird as if he was trying to fly.
  • It is revealed in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 2 Episode 7 that he does not have a driver's license.
  • In Shrek's Diet , it is revealed that Shrek should've died years ago.


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