Shrek's Bath Problem! is the 142nd video of SML Movies.


Shrek has a problem while he is taking a bath.... and it turns into a big problem.


Shrek was having a bath with his Sara Lee cheesecake, when suddenly he poops in the tub and calls Mario, and tells him to pick it up, but obviously, refuses. Then Mario notices that the door was jammed. Then Toad comes, he discovers that their bathroom door's shut. So Mario tells Toad to call a locksmith, a Brooklyn locksmith. Shrek tells Mario, he wants cheese balls, but then he pours them in the tub. After that, the Brooklyn locksmith Comes. Then Toad gives him a mini mushroom under the door, then Mario comes under the door, then returns to normal size. Shrek then comes out of the room, saying he just opened the door.



  • Toad was actually helpful in this episode as he gave Mario a Mini Mushroom and he got out.
  • This is the first SML Movie to feature Mario Power-Ups being used.
  • This is Shrek's first major role since Shrek's Diet!