Shrek's Diet! is the 125th video of SML Movies.


Shrek is getting too fat and has to go on a diet or he will die!


Shrek was in the bathroom taking a huge crap and tells Mario to bring him his cheesecake while telling him he's starting to live in the Bathroom which he needs a TV and lots of toilet paper. After Shrek finished eating the cheesecake, he had a weird chest pain and passes out on the floor. Mario returns with the toilet paper only to find Shrek unconscious so Mario calls Doctor Brooklyn guy, He took a blood sample and found that pure Velveeta Cheese is literally surging through his veins. The doctor explains that Shrek needs to start eating healthier and exercise more or he'll die. Shrek is still eating a cheesecake and Mario says "Shrek, Where are you?", Shrek hides his cheesecake and shows his little bag of Cheetos, Mario says "Those are not good for you", Shrek says "Oh There Not", Shrek shows his cheesecake, Mario says at Shrek that he will not eat his cheesecake and Mario takes Shrek's cheesecake away and Mario asks Chef Pee Pee to make him a salad. Meanwhile, Shrek was attempting to eat his cheesecake by sneaking, but Mario scares Shrek off, and Shrek lies that he was trying to slot the fly away. While Chef Pee Pee serves Shrek's salad. Mario and Chef Pee Peeeventually have to force feed Shrek after he refuse to eat the salad. After eating the salad he said he won't eat the last bite because he thinks that if he eats the last bite, he says that he will turn into a lettuce, and gave the bowl to Chef Pee Pee so Mario takes Shrek to the gym and puts him on the treadmill. Shrek struggled on the treadmill so Mario put Cheesecake on the end of the treadmill to increase his willingness. A montage came on showing Shrek a Lifting Weights (While the Gym Fanatic Brooklyn guy attempted to lift a 20 pound weight 9.071 Kg), Doing pulling exercises run on faster treadmills, drinking a lot of water and at home Shrek lost 450 Pounds (204.116 Kilograms) They started eating salads at dinner but Shrek said something was missing and it wasn't Croutons when Mario asked him. He hammed a whole platter of cheesecake and said he was just going to take a few bites but instead he ate more than a few bites and regained his fat and said "Cheesecake is my love!" and Mario says he'll never change, much to his dismay.

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  • This episode reveals that Shrek is immune to diabetes.
  • It's also revealed that Shrek's blood is, in fact, Velveeta Cheese (more accurately, he has eaten so much cheesecake, the cholesterol build up has clogged up his arteries and veins, so his actual blood isn't being pumped, not helped by the asston of diabetes).
  • It's revealed that Shrek should have had a week to live 3 years ago, being unknown how he survived.
  • This is the second time that Shrek doesn't eat cheesecake, the first being in The Bird.
  • This is the second time a character changes then goes back to normal. The first was in Black Yoshi's In Trouble!
  • Shrek is 500 Pounds (226.796 Kg)-450 Pounds (204.116 Kg) =50 Pounds(22.679 Kg) Which means that after Shrek was done with the workout he weighed less than an average kid.
  • The video was taken down and reuploaded because there was an outtake where the doctor talks about Shrek's blood is cheese.
    • The original can still be found in several places and websites, such as a site were deleted YouTube videos go, and reveals an earlier version of the script.
  • It is revealed that the Brooklyn Guy also has Velvetta Cheese as his blood.
  • It is revealed that Shrek has 'Emergency' Cheesecake in a drawer in the bathroom.
  • In the Thumbnail, Shrek's mouth is upside down, which makes it look like he's sad.


  • At 11:12, you can see Mario's hat falling from his head
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