Shrek's Hot Cheesecake is the 19th video of SML Movies.


Shrek's regular cheesecake isn't making him fart anymore. So Shrek needs to spice up his cheesecake to make him have very powerful farts! Woody ends up helping Shrek with his secret peppers!


Shrek is very excited for his cheesecake, even though it's only been 5 minutes since he's last eated one, Shrek makes a hashtag which is #YOEC. (which is short for You Only Eat Cheesecake). Shrek than realizes that his normal cheesecake isn't making him fart anymore. So he decides to try to spice his cheesecake up to make him fart again. First, he tries Red Bell Peppers, at first glance, he thinks it looks like Donkey's (Mario) hemorrhoid. He tries it on his cheesecake, it's good, but it doesn't make him fart, instead it makes him poop. Next, he tries Tabasco Sauce, it's really hot, he describes the fart as good, but not good enough. Lastly, he tries Tiger Sauce, which actually turns him into a tiger! (abit briefly) Shrek becomes furious as nothing is working for him. Then, Woody comes in decides to help him with some of his special peppers. These peppers are known as the rare "African Shrimpo Droppings" in which Woody's grandpappy has collected over years and years of shrimpo hunting. Woody describes them as so hot, when you put the sun in your mouth, it's an ice cube compared to the peppers. When Shrek puts some on his cheesecake and samples it, he runs into the bathroom, puts on an Iron Man face mask, and has a fire coming out of his butthole as he takes off into space as "Iron Shrek".



  • In the video, the cheesecake doesn't look like regular cheesecake. This is because the cheesecake Shrek was eating is a fluffy kind.
  • This is the second episode to only have Lance as a voice actor. The first was The Bird.


  • Most SML movies take place in Logan Thirtyacre's hometown, Pensacola, FL. But in this video, when Shrek takes off from Earth, it is shown to take place in San Francisco, CA.
  • When Woody warns Shrek for the final time about the peppers before he eats them, Shrek refers to Woody as "donkey" instead of his real name.

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