Shrek's Nightmare is the 5th video of SML Movies.


Shrek has a crazy nightmare!


Mario wonders what to watch on TV, and Shrek suggests they turn on CNN. After Mario switches the channel, a news report surfaces. Mr. Goodman informs the audience that there was a huge oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico that has killed a lot of marine life, Shrek compares the accident to his crap. When Mario asks why he always talks about crap and changes the subject frequently, Shrek simply says he will tell him someday. Mario continues watching the news until Shrek leans over his shoulder, telling him that he desperately needs to use the bathroom. Mario tells him to go do it, but Shrek claims he can't unless Mario goes to the store and buys him some cheesecake. After a brief argument, Shrek decides to go look inside the refrigerator for some.

After Shrek is unsuccessful at finding leftover cheesecake, Mario calls him into the living room. They notice that Mr. Goodman is talking about a major Sara Lee cheesecake recall, causing Shrek to become depressed. Mario suggests buying cheesecake online from Germany or going to take a crap, but Shrek is not in the mood. Shrek decides to go to the bathroom once again, but nothing is the same without cheesecake. Shrek hypothesizes about cheesecake and goes to wipe his butt but discovers there is no more toilet paper.

Shrek wakes up from his nightmare to find Mario preparing for the cheesecake convention, meaning the cheesecake had not actually been recalled. Shrek finds his Sara Lee cheesecake and toilet paper next to him. Before Mario leaves the room, Shrek asks him to shave off the "nasty little turd from under his nose," shocking Mario.



  • The song at the end of the video was created by SikKidExclusiveTv.[1]
  • This is the first SML Movie of 2010.
  • According to this, Shrek was constipated as a child frequently and it just blew out.
  • In 4:14, if you listen closely, you can hear an SpongeBob Squarepants sound effect.


  1. SidKidExclusiveTv's YouTube channel

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