Shrimpo Hunter


August 27, 2010 - March 20, 2014



Shrimpo Hunter was a SuperMarioLogan spin-off series that stared Woody and his adventures while hunting for Shrimpos. This series featured a few main and minor characters from the SML movies. The series was put on a 2-year hiatus due to a new demographic (as confirmed by Logan on Chilly's Channel) but Logan announced that he will make the sixth episode in April 2017 soon.

List of Episodes

No. of episode Name Upload Date
1 Shrimpo Hunter Episode 1 August 27, 2010
Woody is in the wild African bushes searching for the rare African Shrimpo.
2 Shrimpo Hunter Episode 2 January 1, 2011
Woody is going to hunt for some more shrimpos.
3 Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3 April 11, 2011
Woody's going to his car and find shrimpos on the road.
4 Shrimpo Hunter Episode 4 November 2, 2012
Woody hunts for shrimpo's for Bowser's dinner date.
5 Shrimpo Hunter Episode 5 March 20, 2014
Woody takes on the LARGEST Shrimpo of them all!!
6 Shrimpo Hunter Episode 6 Upcoming soon.
Logan asked fans in a Chilly vlog

if they would like the idea of a new Shrimpo

Hunter, and if they do, Logan will upload it soon.


  • "CEW-WEE-BOI! Shrimpo Hunter."
  • "CEW-WEE-BOI!"
  • "Would you watch that?"


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