Shrimpo Hunter Episode 2 is the 2nd episode of the Shrimpo Hunter Series.


Woody continues hunting Shrimpos in the wild fields of Africa. Woody is spying on the Shrimpo on the branch. He's using his binoculars as his hands to search for Shrimpos. Woody got closer to it when the branch flew Woody away. He landed on the grass. After that, there was a PLEASE STAND BY. Next, Woody climbs on the fence to spy on the Shrimpo on the other side. Woody uses the Shrimpo call, sneaks up onto the Shrimpo. The Shrimpo moved. Woody tries to grab it when it bit Woody. The Shrimpo fell down when Woody startled it, he scrams. Woody is gonna give the Shrimpo time to rest, then get a better approach to catch it. 5 minutes later, he got a sniper rifle, a butterfly, a tomahawk, and a rocket launcher. Woody waits for the Shrimpo to come out, then he shoots it with a sniper. He missed it. His other plan is to throw a tomahawk at it. But he missed it again. His other plan is to shoot the Shrimpo with a Shrimp-o Vision. The plan was a success.  



  • This is the first SML video of 2011.