Shrimpo Hunter Episode 4 is the 4th episode of the Shrimpo Hunter Series.


Woody hunts for Shrimpos for Bowsers dinner date.


It starts with Chef Pee Pee cooking when Bowser calls him. Bowser orders Chef Pee Pee to make Shrimp Alfredo for his date, and Bowser threatens him. Chef Pee Pee starts looking for some shrimps, but he doesn't have any. So he uses the phone book to call a Shrimpo hunter, Woody. Woody finds a Shrimpo in the bushes when he gets a phone call from Chef Pee Pee. Woody will get him some shrimp ASAP. Next, Woody has his sidekick, Mufasa, to hunt for Shrimpos. Mufasa found the rare Shrimpo tracks. Woody's plan is to follow the tracks where the Shrimpos are leading. Mufasa follows the tracks, until suddenly, he screams out. Woody checks on him and found out he had been bitten by a poisonous Shrimpo. Woody puts a little bush on him that shows that he fought the country. Woody tells how the tribal members take their crap on the bush in Mufasa's honor. Chef Pee Pee came to ask Woody what is he doing and has the Shrimpos. Woody has the trap for the Shrimpos, which is a box being held onto a stick with a fudge round. Chef Pee Pee likes that idea. Woody and Chef Pee Pee hides and watch for Shrimpos. They are waiting for hours and hours and still no sign of Shrimpos. Suddenly, a Shrimpo roams around, then Chef Pee Pee pulls the string from the stick. Woody opens the box and found Chef Pee Pee. Woody became upset, and explains to Chef Pee Pee about how the plan is supposed to be. Woody and Chef Pee Pee saw the Shrimpo running away and chases it. They can catch up to it with Woody's Shrimpo-mobile. Woody jumped out of the car to catch the Shrimpo. Chef Pee Pee started screaming in terror. When Woody finally caught the Shrimpo, his ride got crashed. Later, Bowser and his date were waiting for their food. His date leaves him.



  • At 0:58, the shrimp was seen when Chef Pee Pee opens the freezer.
  • This marks the 1st time that Chef Pee Pee dies in an SML video.
  • This is Eleina Keye's first appearance in an SML video, as she portrays Bowser's date.
  • At 10:11, you can hear Danganronpa music.