Snorlax is Chef Pee Pee's 2nd known Pokemon and biggest and possibly strongest if it was awake could have posibly be evolved from munchlax off screen. He died in Pokemon Part 2 but was somehow revived in Pokemon Part 3.


  • congestive heart failure:makes him faint not attack in games or anime simialiar to lunar dance however lunar dance heals the next pokemon  too unlike congestive  heart failure
  • sleep achnia: makes snorlax sleep for a couple of turns and is incrediblily useless not attack in games or anime similiar too rest however rest would refill snorlaxes health

Win/Loss chart

  • Loss #1- Lost to Junior's Bulbasaur by congestive heart failure.
  • Win #1- Won by squishing the Psyduck catching him
  • 1 win 1 loss