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This is about the Sonic in SuperMarioLogan. For the Sonic made by Tito see Sonic The Hedgehog (Titototter).

Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog or just known as Sonic The Hedgehog or just Sonic is an blue hedgehog and one of Mario worst enemies along with Bowser. He was the main antagonist of the Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure series. A running gag of the episodes he appeared in is that people have mistaken Sonic for a cat, much to his irritation. His final irritation before his revival played a role in his original downfall. He was originally killed by Black Yoshi in Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures Episode 6 and in Episode 7 in the flashback. Despite his death in episode 7, Sonic has become the main character of TitoTotter, Tito's YouTube Channel, having noticable changes from when he died in Stupid and Crazy Adventures. It is said that he'll still appear in videos and eventually will return to SML in the future. Sonic is faster than the speed of sound and the speed of light, outranking Tom Brady in speed on the List of character attribute rankings.

In a Chilly vlog from April 25, 2017, Logan discussed that Sonic would return as a recurring character, with Tito being the voice of him. If this happens, it would be Tito's first voice role in SML.

He returned on Titototter as the main protagonist of the series, along with his best friend Tails, and his best friends Talking Monkey and Panda.

Episode Summaries

In "Mario's Wig", he is seen with Peach, as her boyfriend. As Peach and Mario are talking on the phone, Sonic interjected and asked Mario how he's doing. Mario responded by exclaiming at Sonic to get away from her and that she is his. Sonic then said to Mario that Peach is dating him and hangs up on him. At the end of the episode, Sonic is seen wearing Mario's wig and goes to kiss Peach.

In Episode 3 of Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures, Mario and Bowser discuss Sonic, because of a potential role in the kidnapping of Peach, and he arrives in the room. Bowser asks if Sonic is a cat, to which Sonic replied that he is a hedgehog in an irritated tone. Mario says to Sonic that he has been looking for him and then he talks about his good looks and his home country, which is England. Mario asked Sonic what he did with Peach, and Sonic said he dumped her because of her "getting a little too clingy". Mario suggests to Sonic that he kidnapped her and Sonic remarked that no one would want to kidnap her. Sonic also tells Mario that Peach lied about being pregnant with Sonic's baby; instead, she was pregnant with someone else's baby. Mario asked if Sonic had a clue that would lead to finding Peach, but he refused to give the clue because they are enemies. Bowser came up behind him a moment later and stuffed him in a bag. Then, Mario and Bowser continuously stepped on him, knocking him out.

Sonic later woke up trapped to a sink and Bowser, much to his own amusement, planned to torture him to get the clue. Bowser grabbed a cup of tea and demanded that Sonic tell him the clue or he would pour it down the drain. Sonic. was scared about Bowser pouring the tea, but said he did not know anything. Bowser denied this and poured down most of the tea. But Sonic still said he didn't know, which caused Bowser to poor down the rest, much to Sonic's dismay. Bowser laughed at his misery and mocked him. Then, Mario said to Bowser that this was harsh. Bowser told Mario to get a picture of the Queen of England. Then, Mario approached Sonic with the picture. Mario asked him for the clue or he would destroy it. Sonic said he promised he didn't know, then Mario crumpled up the picture. Sonic replied in terror and grieved over the picture. Mario and Bowser told Sonic to "break" it. Sonic still said he didn't know, which provoked Mario to get a toothbrush.

In Ep. 6, he gets loose from his bonds and threatens to slit Peach's throat in revenge. Peach, however, just gives birth to a baby, apparently Sonic's. Sonic instead decides to kidnap the baby. After luring Mario and Bowser to a room, he attacks Mario with his speed and then proceeds to beat the shit out of Mario for four minutes. Bowser simply laughed and taped it with his iPhone, all the while screaming, "NIGHT-NIGHT, NIGGA!! NIGHT-NIGHT!!" However, he did get Black Yoshi to help. Black Yoshi, however, joined in with Bowser at laughing, but then got Sonic's attention by calling him a kitty-cat. Sonic finally stopped and screamed, "I'M NOT A KITTY CAT!!", before Black Yoshi casually shot him in the head with his glock, finally killing him.

Mario was actually angered by his death because he was the only one who knew where the baby was, but considering he and Bowser found the baby in the end. It's safe to say Mario no longer cares.

Logan Thirtyacre stated in a livestream with Dabhdude, SML Reviewer, and Flamey Cat that he was going to bring Sonic back because he thinks the cast needs a British stereotype. Sonic reappeared in "Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!".

Sonic was reintroduced as the main character of TitoTotter, Tito's plush channel, after Chilly shouted out Tito's channel back in the middle of May 2017, although originally having a prelude 7 months prior, in TT Short : Talking Food.


  • He claims he is British, yet has an Australian accent.
  • He is the reason of Mario getting Rosalina as a new girlfriend.
  • Sonic is one of the only characters that kept their attributes from their original source since Sonic was still super fast.
  • Sonic was able to attack Mario and not be seen. Which means the speed that he ran was >670,616,629 mph, which is faster then the speed of light, also faster than Tom Brady, which makes him the fastest character in SuperMarioLogan
    • He could run across the world more than 7 and a half times in one second.
  • He dies in the MBSCA Finale by getting shot by Black Yoshi, but Logan brought him back because he thought he needed a British stereotype.
  • Sonic has been revived from his death in the MBSCA Finale as the main character of Tito's Youtube channel, Titototter after a shout out in a Chilly Vlog, on May 21st, 2017.
  • Logan has revealed in a SML stream with Sml reviewer that he hates the Sonic Franchise.
    • However, Tito is shown to like the franchise
    • As well, Logan holds no grudge against the Sonic franchise in various Chilly Vlogs even after his comments and portrays Jet the Hawk on Tito's Youtube channel TitoTotter.


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