Squirtle is Cody's Starter Pokemon in The Pokemon Series, He first appeared in Pokemon Part 1 and is shone to be somewhat gay like Cody since he kissed him in Pokemon Part 4, He has a voice that is almost identical to Squirtle's Voice in the Anime and is shown to be Claustrophobic (Fear Of Confined Space) Which is why he stays outside his Pokeball most of the time, He Evolved into a Wartortle in Pokemon Part 5, He along with Bulbasaur and Charmander are the 3 Starter Pokemons.


  • Punch: Physical Attack:, Not a actual attack in the Anime or Games.
  • Bubble Beam: Somehow Weakened A Butterfree but it could have been a Critical Hit But Bubbles actually Weakens the Evasion of A Pokemon.
  • Water Gun: Powerful Stream of Water Blasted out Of Squirtle's Mouth, Weakened a 2nd Butterfree in Pokemon Part 5 .

Win/Loss Chart

  • Weakened a Butterfree but somehow didn't Catch it.
  • Won against and captured a Bellsprout with a Punch Attack.
  • Defeated and Captured a Second Butterfree in Episode 5 and evolved.
  • Total Wins/Losses: 2.5 Wins (He didn't catch the 1st Butterfree) 0 Loss


  • Squirtle is shown to be gay like Cody.
  • He is also shown to be Claustrophobic Just like Cody.

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