Stinky was a wild skunk found by Bowser Junior after he was sad about the "death" of Crusty. He could be considered the main antagonist of Bowser Junior’s Pet! He sprayed Joseph and Cody, bit Cody and gave him rabies, sprayed Chef Pee Pee twice, and had poop stuck in its fur. It eventually was brought by Bowser Junior under the bedsheets, and it sprayed Bowser, causing him to kill him.


  • This is unlikely, but it’s possible Crusty started as a sentient piece of bread, and a friend of Stinky‘s. It is suggested that Stinky saw a glimpse of Crusty’s corpse, which would explain his overly irritable personality, having possibly lost a friend.
  • Furthermore, when Bowser attacks Stinky, Stinky doesn make any effort to escape or defend himself, implying that he may have wanted to die after Crusty’s death.


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