Stride Mystery Gum is the 8th video of SML Shorts.


Stride Mystery Gum "Commercial"


Shrek is busy adoring his Sara Lee Cheesecake when Mario runs into his room with a new pack of Stride Mystery Gum. Mario tries to convince Shrek that he knows what the flavor is. Shrek tells Mario that it probably tastes like cheesecake. Mario denies, saying it tastes even better, shocking Shrek. Doubtful, Shrek asks Mario for some as a taste test. After hesitating for a moment, Shrek informs Mario that it tastes like a mix of cheesecake, cherries, onions, and possibly watermelon. Black Yoshi interrupts, but both of his friends tell him to go away, leaving Mario and Shrek to continue debating on the true mystery flavor. Before Mario can tell Shrek the flavor, Shrek lets out an explosive burp which blows Mario away.

Alternate Ending 1: Before Mario could tell Shrek the true flavor, Black Yoshi enters the room telling everyone to get on the ground. Confused, Mario tells Black Yoshi to stop by gets shot by Black Yoshi thinking he stole his money, until he realizes it was Mario and he got address from Tyreese.

Alternate Ending 2: When Mario was telling Shrek what the true flavor is, Bowser comes in and Mario runs away, while Bowser breathes fire at Shrek who says the gum was hot.



  • Black Yoshi mentions Tyreese for the first time.
  • Shrek's burp in the first ending comes from the "Shoop Da Woop" meme that was popular at the time, complete with the "I'ma firin' mah lazer" sound byte.
  • When Shrek mentions that the gum has a hint of watermelon in its flavor, Black Yoshi enters the room and can be heard saying "Ooh fo', watermelon?". This is a reference to the stereotype that African-Americans have an abnormally high appetite for watermelons.
  • This video is the only SML video to feature more than one ending.

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