Stuck in a Tree is the 15th video of SML Shorts.


Toad was walking around until a cat meowed from a tree. Toad climbed up the tree and reached the cat, but he was thinking how Toad and the Kitty were going to get down. Toad tells Mario that he is stuck in a tree and Mario asks why. Toad said that the Kitty is cute and cool. Mario refuses to save Toad and the Kitty because he will get stuck too. Brooklyn Guy is thinking his job is boring and heard a noise. Brooklyn Guy sees what is wrong, that Toad is stuck in a tree. The Brooklyn Guy would help and asks why he is stuck in a tree. Toad just wanted to save the Kitty, but he got stuck too. Brooklyn Guy thinks it is stupid and also wanted Toad to toss the Kitty to him. Brooklyn Guy catches the Kitty and puts him down. And Toad did the same thing that the Kitty did. Brooklyn accidentally didn't catch toad because he was on a phone. Toad got hurt.

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  • This video marks the first appearance of Brooklyn T. Guy, but since Chris didn't become an SML voice actor until 2014, the Brooklyn Guy was voiced by Lance, this is why he sounds weird in this episode.
  • This is the only 2011 video where the Brooklyn Guy is in.
  • This video states that the Brooklyn Guy's first job is a firefighter.
  • Brooklyn Guy should have hung up on the phone and saved Toad.


  • At 1:10 into the video, when Mario is seen walking, if one looks closely in Lance's arm (or Logan), you can see the Brooklyn Guy puppet.

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