This page is for requesting featured articles. To request, insert the page you want to be featured and click Submit.


If you want to request your own, the articles must have:

  • More than 1,000 bytes of articles
  • No article stubs
  • No uncategorized articles
  • No broken/red links



Requested article User requesting Date requested
Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation SMLFan101 January 2017


Requested article User requesting Date requested Result
Bowser Junior's Macaroni SMLFan101 N/A Successful
Chef Pee Pee SMLFan101 N/A Successful
Brooklyn Guy SMLBowserJunior987 N/A Successful
Bowser Junior SMLFan101 N/A Successful
Shrek's Diet! SMLBowserJunior987 N/A Successful
Charleyyy Chester123569 N/A Successful
Wario and Waluigi's Scam! Hi1p N/A Successful
Chef Pee Pee's Mistake! MeerkatMario 00:37, October 11, 2015 Successful
Bowser's Dilemma Hi1p N/A Successful
SuperMarioLogan Mcboy8 N/A Successful
Doofy The Dragon AlisaButterfly2014 N/A Successful
Jeffy's Bad Word! Alex31505 N/A Successful

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