SuperPowers! is the 231st video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends get SuperPowers!


Joseph wants to fly a kite during a thunderstorm, but Cody and junior dislikes that idea. When they started flying the kite, they got struck by lightning, and they got superpowers. Cody had the power to change into a person or a thing just by thinking of it. Joseph has the power to run super fast, and Bowser Junior had power of farting really loud and the power to strike people with lightning. Bowser Junior decides to he wants to use their powers for good, but he first suggests that Joseph uses his super speed to steal money from a gas station, then Cody's powers to prank Chef Pee Pee by turning into a Roast Beef Sandwich and then "screws" with Bowser by turning into Chef Pee Pee. Cody returns to tell Junior that he banged his dad to get back at him for all the mom jokes he's been making, so when Junior threatens Cody, he transforms a washing machine and continues to taunt Junior and this causes his powers to intensify, which he threatens to electrocute Cody, but he transforms into a Balloon so Junior's electricity would bounce off of him, but this ends up electrocuting Joseph in the process, but then he decides to pop Cody with a pin, then Cody transforms back to his normal form and then Junior zaps Cody, which results in an explosion, that ends up taking their powers away. Junior says it's the worst day of his life, Cody then taunts Junior again with the fact that banging his dad was the best day of his life, which results with Junior beating the crap out of Cody.

The final scene ends with Bowser telling Chef Pee Pee if he's up for "Round 2", he knows where to find him, Chef Pee Pee says that he isn't gonna ask what's going on.



SuperPowers received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many fans stating the episode was really funny and praised the superpowers, with some saying it was one of the best episodes all year. Many fans criticized the scene where the trio lost all their powers.


  • This entire episode is a parody of DC Superheroes. Junior's power (the zapping power) is based off of Static, Joseph's power is based off The Flash, Cody's is based off Beast Boy from Teen Titans.
  • This is the second time Cody brings up the sun is a planet argument again, the first being Cody's Revenge!
  • Junior still thinks the sun is a planet, even after going to the sun itself. Although this could be due to the channel's negative continuity or Junior found out that the sun was a star and Cody could've just been rubbing it in his face. 
  • The act of Cody wishing for a water bottle first is a possible reference to The Burger! where Cody wishes for a water bottle after he eats the magic burger.
  • This episode reveals Bowser to be bisexual.
  • Cody finally got revenge on Junior by banging his dad.
  • This is the first time Cody makes fun of Joseph's Mom and Junior not having a mom.
  • The Washing Machine is originally from Our Generation Laundry Set.
  • This is the first time Cody speaks in another body.
  • Junior's powers are similar to Cole Macgrath's from the inFAMOUS series.
  • This episode starts the period of videos only being uploaded on Thursdays and Sundays, which ends in Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!
  • This is the first moment where Junior beats up Cody, because he wanted payback for getting hit by Cody in The Elevator!.
  • Using Math, a Normal person can calculate how fast Joseph was when he went to Mexico and back, The Distance between Logan's Address and Mexico is 1,345 Miles and Joseph went to Mexico AND BACK In about a Second. 1,345x2=2,690 meaning that Joseph traveled 2,690 Miles in about 1 Second, There is 3,600 Seconds in 1 hour, 2,690x3,600=9,684,000 meaning that Joseph ran at 9,684,000 Miles Per Hour, However if you really want to get crazy hear this out, 1,345 Miles is the length it will take by CAR In order to reach mexico, J.W. Glasheen and T.A. McMahon, two Harvard biologists who studied how the Common basilisk runs on water, found that in order to mimic the lizard, a human would need to run at almost 30 meters per second, A velocity beyond human ability, We already established that there is 3,600 Seconds in 1 Hour, 30x3,600=108,000 Meters so in order for a ordinary human to run on water, They will have to run at about 67 MPH, Usian Bolt who held the world record for fastest human on the planet was only able to run at 27.44 MPH, Joseph is more than fast enough to run on water with his speed, We didn't see what route he took to get to mexico so for all we know he could've ran through The Gulf Of Mexico which would increase his MPH Speed drastically, although I couldn't figure out what his speed is if he did run through the Gulf of Mexico, But we can confidently say that Joseph can run atleast 9,684,000 Miles Per Hour, However SML Didn't considered the consequences that would've happen when Joseph ran to mexico and Back, for starters he should have created a Sonic Boom, The speed of sound is approximately 332 meters per second or 717 MPH, Realistically Since Joseph is Traveling way faster than the speed of Sound he would've caused a Sonic Boom which would shatter/damage The eardrums of every SML Characters living in the house, Joseph would've also broke the sound barrier which only takes 767 MPH To accomplish, And last but not least although not a Consequence, It is interesting to note that since Joseph is traveling at 9,684,000 MPH, He would be traveling at Mach 12721, Which is faster than Sonic The Hedgehog could ever hope to achieve, Although Joseph is still Significantly slower than The Speed of Light which is 671,000,000 MPH.
  • Things that Cody turned into:
    • Bottle of water
    • Computer mouse
    • Cellophane tape dispenser
    • Cannonball
    • Roast beef sandwich
    • A crispy Snicker bar
    • Ping-pong paddle and ping-pong ball
    • Bowser Junior
    • Chef Pee Pee
    • Washing Machine
    • Balloon
  • Things Joseph did with his super speed:
    • Went to the bathroom to pee
    • Ran around in the living room in the apartment
    • Got Bowser Junior a Hawaiian Punch
    • Stole money at a gas station in the convenience store without people noticing
    • Ran to Mexico.


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