Super Mario Got Milk is SuperMarioLogan's first video on YouTube, therefore being the start of his channel. It is based on a commercial advertising Got Milk? products, which features Mario.


Mario drinks milk.


The video starts with Logan and Lance Thirtyacre playing Super Mario Bros. on an NES. The two brothers attempt to make Mario jump over a column, but their attempts fail, prompting them to leave. Shortly after, Logan holds a figurine of Mario of their television (which gives the impression that Mario is emerging from it). Controlled by Logan, Mario jumps onto a skateboard before being hurled onto a ball. Logan then carries Mario to a kitchen, opens a refrigerator door, and holds a bottle of Nesquik mix above his head. The video ends with Lance deducing that milk doesn't make oneself bigger, only to see that Mario (who is now a plush) has grown bigger from "drinking" the milk.



  • This is Logan's first video ever uploaded to YouTube.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mario.
  • This video is a remake or parody of a Mario commercial from 1999 made in order to encourage people to drink milk to help their bones grow,
  • Logan was only in 8th grade at Ransom Middle School when this was made, meaning he was 13 by that time.
  • This episode and many of the early ones are mainly different from the later episodes of the series. Logan's voice sounded like a kid in the beginning, and started to hit puberty as his videos progressed. The plush videos began developing with sound effects and music by 2009, as well as the use of strong language and graphic violence. Ten years later in 2017, the channel completed the transition to professional quality-style plush videos, complete with the addition of Logan's girlfriend Chilly and actress Elaina Keyes, who began providing voices for most of the female characters around late 2013 (Chilly) and 2015 (Elaina Keyes).
  • The fans speculated that probably this video would be remade for the 10th anniversary of SuperMarioLogan.

2007 Super Mario Got Milk
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