TONY'S LIFE STORY is an early video of SuperMarioLogan. It goes into Tony's background.




Mario is walking around when Tony The Tiger jumps up and says something stupid. Mario asks Tony why he is so stupid, so Tony begins to tell his life story. It all began when Tony was little. Little Tony acted stupid in front of his parents, so they decided to set him up for adoption. Tony's dad takes him to the pound, where they meet up with Woody. Woody doesn't know if he can do this, so he calls for his manager Mr. Pig. Mr. Pig comes, and takes Tony away. Mr. Pig takes Tony to the pound area where other animals are. After Tony meets the other animals, Mario and Peach head to the pound to get a cat. Mario and Peach decide to name what pet they adopt "Tony". Peach wants to adopt Tony, but Mario doesn't want to. Mr. Pig offers Tony for free, and eventually after a while they convince Mario to adopt Tony.

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