The 1UP! is the 203rd episode of SML Movies.


Mario's Grandpa dies and Mario wants to bring him back to life!


The episode starts with Mario telling his grandpa he needs to take his medicine. Mario's Grandpa does not want medicine, he wants pudding. After some arguing, Mario went to the fridge to get his grandpa some pudding after Mario's Grandpa takes his medicine. However, there is no more pudding. Rosalina knocks on the door and Mario lets her in. Mario takes Rosalina to meet his grandpa. Mario's Grandpa is seen with multiple pills in his mouth, which he later spits out, claiming the "candy" tastes like shit. Grandpa went outside to get more pudding, but jump down the stairs. Mario's Grandpa is then seen laying on the hospital bed, Mario asked the Brooklyn Guy if he could be alive, but he doesn't think so. Mario's Grandpa asks where the 3 millions dollars are at, but at the last second he died. Mario wanted him to tell him where the $3 million dollars are at and have him alive. He asks the Brooklyn Guy to make a 1UP mushroom. The Brooklyn Guy does not want to help, so Mario offers him half of the money if he helps. They bought a $20 dollar science kit, they then cue a montage but the result was Jello. Then Mario accidentally jumps from anger and gets a 1 UP from a question mark block, so they gave it to Mario's Grandpa, who comes back to life. They ask where the money is at, and Mario's Grandpa reveals there are 3 million dollars worth of Monopoly Money under the couch, and asks Mario to put it back in the box for him. Mario and the Brooklyn Guy lift up the couch, and find that there are 3 million dollars of Monopoly Money under the couch. They split it and Brooklen guy says if Mario wants jello and he agrees.



  • This is the first time where Mario appears without Jeffy since "Mario's Hobo Problem!"
  • Mario's grandpa meets Rosalina and the Brooklyn Guy for the first time and also it's his latest appearance since Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!
  • When Mario said "Doc" to the Brooklyn Guy, it appeared that Brooklyn Guy didn't like to be called "Doc", and also mentioning Looney Tunes most popular character, Bugs Bunny.
  • Mario is shown to have a rater selfish side as he only brought his grandpa back to life for the million dollars, not because he was grieving.
  • The Brooklyn Guy reveals that he crashed a plane into a school and turned it into a Chuck E Cheese, This is a reference to the Family Guy episode Airport 07.
  • It is revealed that Mario's grandpa is 87 years old.
    • It is also revealed that he fought in 6 wars.
    • He is also shown to be racist in this episode, as he asked if Rosalina was black, even though she clearly wasn't, and called the Brooklyn Guy a racist word used to insult Asians.
    • It is also shown that he is very stupid, as he thought his medicine was candy.


  • At 1:39 the S word is uncensored.
  • When the science experiment just started, Logan's iMac was on and was flashing "Logan Thirtyacre's iMac."
  • The Monopoly money under the couch is just about like one or two sets of Monopoly money. You needed about 300 Monopoly sets to make the money reach $3M
  • If you look closley when Mario and Brooklyn guy Attempt to make the 1UP, The jello is already seen.