The Alien! is the 190th video of SML Movies.


An alien comes to visit the Bowsers' house.


Bowser Junior, Cody and Joseph are sitting on the couch, watching Dr. Finkleshitz (a show from 1952). He talks about aliens and says that they are real and that other people say that they do not exist. Dr. Fingleshitz tries to communicate with the alien by wearing a hot-dog outfit. However, the alien is right behind him and starts wrestling with Dr. Fingleshitz.

Bowser Junior wants to help Dr. Fingleshitz, but Joseph and Cody disagree with Junior's plan to help Fingleshitz and say that it's just a made up TV Show from the 1950's.

Chef Pee Pee forces Junior to take out the trash, while Junior is outside by the dumpster, he meets a strange hobo (Hansel) wearing tin foil on his head. The reason why he is wearing tin foil is because he met up with aliens in their flying saucer and they messed up his brain by reading his thoughts. So Junior then goes back to his apartment room on the balcony. He believes that both the hobo and Dr. Fingleshitz were right that aliens are real. Junior then thinks he sees a UFO (although it's really a plane) so he rushes inside to tell Cody and Joseph. However, his friends don't believe him and say that it was a plane (although they don't see it because it already flew away). Junior also sees a star up in the sky (it's the only star in the sky) and states that it could also be a UFO. His friends still don't believe him and go back inside.

Junior is now angry that his friends don't believe him. 3 seconds later, he sees a green light up in the sky, and that time, it really WAS a UFO!! Junior starts to go crazy over it and he tells his friends that he really saw a UFO but however, his friends are still saying no. Junior is saying that he saw it with his own eyes.

Chef Pee Pee enters the scene and tells Junior to stop yelling and that he's angering all the neighbors in the apartment. Junior tells Cody, Joseph and Chef Pee Pee about the hobo he met by the dumpster. Junior and his friends go to bed and Junior is now scared to go to bed because he's afraid that an alien might come in and take them. He and Cody then mention that Joseph is sad because his parents have died. Junior laughs about it and causes Joseph to get angry and start a huge argument. Junior thinks that he and his friends are on a different planet instead of Earth.

While the trio is asleep, a UFO comes in and lands in the parking lot in front of the apartment. An alien comes into the apartment room and opens the door to Bowser Junior's bedroom. It observes the trio as they are sleeping. Junior is awaken by the green flashing light that the alien is causing and thinks that Cody has a Glow Stick in his hand and asks him to turn it off. He then discovers the alien and is frightened and starts whimpering and wakes up Cody. Junior tries to get Joseph's attention but he is still upset about his dead parents. Junior and Cody see the alien in the bright light that is flickering and the alien is somehow flashing in different poses. Cody and Junior are confused about it. The alien then disappears and Cody is now frightened, too. They look around for the alien and discover that it is behind them and get scared and hide under the covers. They wonder what he wants and the alien is angry that he spoke to the hobo from earlier. The trio have a conversation and the alien is now hungry and wants a hot dog.

The next day, Junior, Cody and Joseph are watching Dr. Fingleshitz again (it's actually the exact same scene from the beginning) as the credits roll.



  • It is revealed that Joseph's parents have died of unknown reasons.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dr. Finkleshitz and The Alien.
  • This episode brings back Bowser Junior's argument of the sun being a planet once again.
  • To this day, Hansel is still bumming around the apartment.
  • This is the second time Bowser Junior takes out the trash, The first being Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy!
  • This is the first SML video with Anthony as a voice actor, where he voices The Alien.
  • It is later revealed that The Alien was actually Rosalina's parent.
  • This episode confirms that in the SML universe, the Sun is indeed a planet, proving Junior and Rosalina to be correct.


  • Junior mentions that aliens do anal-probing to humans, which is a reference to the first episode of South Park, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe in which an alien possesses Cartman and gives him an anal-probe during the night.
  • Alien's anal probing may also be a reference to an episode Fox's animation; Bordertown, where Aliens take one of Bud's friends and anal probes him.


  • Joseph asks what about aliens breathing in space in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade part 5 showing how he knows the existence even Cody, but in this episode, they are shown to be very dumb as they consider aliens being fake when they put aliens in context at the debut of the argument of the sun being a planet.