The Bird is the 8th video of SML Movies and the pilot episode of Black Yoshi and The Birds.


We see what seems to be a video filmed by Woody. Woody explains that he has discovered a nest with an egg which he believes to be that of a shrimp while mowing the lawn. He brings the camera closer to the egg to touch it, just for fun. Woody thinks about taking the egg when the Froot Loop swoops in to protect her egg. Woody runs to hide in a bush as the Froot Loop Bird lands in her nest. Woody looks through his "binoculars" and sees the mighty creature, and decides to kill it. He then tries to think of a way to catch the bird, and after about two seconds decides to use the old box and string method with a fake egg as bait. After catching the bird, he proceeds to go inside to cut it up and cook it. Just before he cuts it up, he realizes that he couldn't harm anything this innocent. So he decides to take care of it and keep it as a pet. He names the bird Skittles.

Woody lets the bird stay in Shrek's room. Later, Shrek comes home with his cheesecake, prepared to stuff it in his mouth, as usual. Just as Shrek turns on the lights to see his cheesecake, he is greeted by Skittles. He lets out a scream which is heard by Black Yoshi, who is trying to play his Call of duty, but on X-Box 360 this time, as "his PlayStation Network is down cuz some hoes tyin' to hack it." When he hears Shrek screaming he yells back, "Folk, cheesecake ain't that good, Folk!" After this happens three times, he grabs his glock and heads in to settle the problem.

When Black Yoshi arrives and sees the bird he tells Shrek it's no big deal and pets the bird. He is then violently attacked by the bird. He tells Shrek to grab his glock and shoot the bird. Shrek complains that he is not a very good shot, but Black Yoshi commands him to "Just SHOOT!" Shrek fires and misses, hitting Black Yoshi in the nose. Woody, who is getting food for Skittles, here's the noise and runs to help out. He Yells at Black Yoshi and Shrek for trying to hurt his Froot Loop Bird and explains that Skittles might not like African Americans because their people in Africa used to clip off his species' wings. This only makes Black Yoshi even more frustrated at the Bird.

Over the next few days, Shrek and Black Yoshi are frequently annoyed by the bird. Finally, they both decide that the next morning they are going to kill Skittles.

The next morning, Shrek puts on his sunglasses, grabs a knife from the kitchen, and wakes up Black Yoshi to kill the bird. Black Yoshi grabs his Glock, and the mission begins. They enter the living room, were Skittles is trying to wake up Woody by poking him with his beak. Shrek tells Black Yoshi that they are going to trap Skittles in a plastic bag, shake the bag to disorientate him so he can't fly out, stab the bag repeatedly, and shoot it with the glock. They proceed with the plan, and Skittles is finally dead.

After killing the bird, Black Yoshi and Shrek go inside to relax. Shrek turns on the news, only to see Officer Goodman reporting that Skittles was actually a rare african bird that escaped from an African Zoo, and that a 20 million dollar reward had been offered to bring the bird back alive. When Shrek and Black Yoshi hear this, they become extremely regretful.

In the final scene, we see an egg in Skittles' old nest hatching, to reveal a red angry bird.




  • This video is the first prequel ever created in an SML series.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Big Red.
  • This is one of the rare times Mario's friends appear without Mario.
  • This is the first video to only have Lance as a voice actor. The second is Shrek's Hot Cheesecake.
  • This video's duration is 20:11. Ironically, The video was uploaded in 2011.
  • This marks the third time in SuperMarioLogan history in which Shrek has eaten something besides cheesecake. The first was in Shrek's Big Crap and the second was in A Crappy Thanksgiving.
    • He also eats a salad in Shrek's Diet. He eats a cheese pizza in a Black Yoshi and the Birds episode.
  • The scene in which Skittles is talking to her nest was used as a flashback in a future episode.

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