• [the video begins outside]
  • Diddy Kong(text says: "LEAVES!!"; plays with the leaves, "DIE!!!!")
  • Donkey Kong: Hey, son.
  • Diddy Kong(text says: Huh? Dad?")
  • Donkey Kong: I saw you talkin' to that female monkey the other day. Yeah, I think it's time for us to have "The Talk".
  • Diddy Kong(text says: The Talk?")
  • Donkey Kong: The Talk. Y'know, the Birds and the Bees.
  • Diddy Kong(text says: The Bird's and The Bee's? What's That?")
  • Donkey Kong: You know, the Birds and the Bees, y'know. Uh, w-when the bird-- (gets hit by a bird) Man, what's yo problem here?
  • Big Red: Never, ever compare birds to bees!
  • Donkey Kong: Man, what's yo problem. S'just a saying.
  • Big Red: Don't ever compare birds to bees! We're totally different! Bees have stingers and they hurt! A-and birds... we're allergic to bees! I remember when I was little, I got stung by a bee.
  • [flashbacks Big Red's story]
  • Big Red's Dad: Alright son, go out and play, but watch out for those bees.
  • Big Red: Okay, dad. (walks off) Wee!
  • Big Red's Dad: Look at my son. He's all having fun.
  • Big Red: Bees!
  • Big Red's Dad: D-don't... Junior! Junior, those are bees! No! Junior!
  • [Big Red got stung by bees]
  • Big Red: Daddy, what's wrong with me? I'm all swollen up! And... it hurts! It hurts!
  • Big Red's Dad: Don't worry, son. Uh, it's just puberty. Uh, let's go to the hospital, okay?
  • Big Red: Okay.
  • [the flashback ends]
  • Donkey Kong: Man, you got problems, you need to go to the doctor or somethin'. You probably mentally retarded.
  • Big Red: Why do you think I'm angry?!
  • Diddy Kong(text says: "Wow... I Guess I'll Never Learn About The Bird's and The Bee's")

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