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  • [It starts with Cody holding a toy baseball bat]
  • Cody: Ehh, batter up! (grunts) This thing's kind of heavy. I've never played baseball before, you guys.
  • Joesph: Ooh, Cody, I'm so ready to strike you out!
  • Junior: Okay Joseph, come on! You have to strike him out! If you strike him out, we win the game.
  • Joseph: Dude, I'm totally gonna strike him out. I'm like Lou Gehrig before he had his disease.
  • Junior: But... he was like a first baseman.
  • Joseph: Shh! Are you ready, Cody?
  • Cody: Okay, I'm ready.
  • Joseph: Okay, bottom of the knife, bases loaded. It's only me, only Joseph, can win this game and win the World Series! Okay. (threw the ball)
  • Cody: I'm ready. (the ball hit the wall and missed Cody)
  • Joseph: Yeah!
  • Junior: Strike 1!
  • Joseph: Jesus, Junior! What was that about?
  • Junior: I'm just really excited. Okay, 2 more strikes, Joseph. You can do it.
  • Joseph: Okay, let me get the ball. (throws the ball and hits the wall again)
  • Cody: Hey, it was too fast.
  • Joseph: Whoo-ho-ho!
  • Junior: Strike 2!
  • Joseph: Dude, I'm really getting tired of that.
  • Junior: Just one more strike, and we win the World Series! Like the Chicago Cubs.
  • Joseph: Wait... we know that they haven't won in like a hundred years, right?
  • Junior: B-but now we win it again! Come on, Joseph. One more strike!
  • Joseph: Okay, hold on. Alright, last strike, I could do this, I can do this, mom arrange me to do this!
  • Cody: Come on, Cody. Last chance. You can do this. Yeah! I don't suck. No... well, I suck, but I don't suck at baseball. No, I'm cool, and hunky. I'm cool and hunky Cody! Yes! I'm cool and hunky!
  • Joseph: Alright, Cody. Last strike and you lose! (in slow motion, Joseph throws the ball right towards Cody, then he gets a home-run) Whoa!
  • [the ball flew behind the refrigerator]
  • Cody: Yes! Home-run! Yes!

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