The Call Of Duty Blackout is the 80th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi gets the new Call of Duty but can't play it because of a random power outage!


The episode starts with Black Yoshi talking to CharleyBrown678 on the microphone while playing the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One. Mario arrives with the Day Zero addition, which causes Black Yoshi to start going crazy over it. He then goes back on the microphone with CharleyBrown678 and tells the latter that he's going to annoy him 24/7 for the next couple of months. Just as he starts playing, the power goes out, leading to Black Yoshi saying that he's scared of the dark. He meets up with Mario and is told that Mario paid the electricity bill and didn't know what happened.

Mario calls an electrician who ends up bringing his 5-year-old son because it's "Bring Your Child to Work Day." The electrician's son bothers them and he tells his father he's hungry. They go to the kitchen, where the electrician explains to Mario about his ex-wife snoot husband named "Dave". The electrician's son notices some Doritos and attempts to bring them but then notices some Oreo's and takes them instead, remarking Dave "won't let him have the Oreos". After that, they see that the power is really off so they arrive at a circuit breaker and the electrician gets electrocuted trying to turn on a switch because there was a loose wire somewhere. They arrive at another room and find out the wire is behind a door. When they open it, they find The Rat chewing the wire. The electrician attempts to grab the Rat but he misses and gets zapped again. The Rat then gets held hostage by Black Yoshi, who threatens to "shoot out his little rat brain" and asks why he chewed the wire. The Rat explains it was because CharleyBrown678 paid him cheese to chew the wires. The Rat then leads Black Yoshi to CharleyBrown678's home.

It is then revealed that CharleyBrown678 is Joseph. Joseph is playing Call of Duty when Screwball comes in and asks Joseph when he will be coming to bed. Joseph says he will be there soon and Screwball leaves. Black Yoshi then arrives and shoots Joseph.

The electrician fixes the wire and tells his son to think of a price. The son comes up with five million, but the electrician limits it down to $500 for being electrocuted twice and the Rat. When Black Yoshi comes with his Call of Duty, the electrician's son is amazed and starts to want it, leading to Black Yoshi killing the young boy which relieves the electrician.



  • This video marks the only appearance of the Brooklyn Guy's son.
  • When Brooklyn T. Guy's son says "Can we keep him, dad? Please, please, please?", it is a reference to the George Shrinks episode "Can We Keep Him?", where George cares for a mouse with an injured leg.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy, Junior calls the rat "Stuart Little",  named after the 1945 book by E.B. White and 1999 film Stuart Little. However, Stuart Little is a mouse, not a rat.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy is revealed to also work as an electrician.
  • Black Yoshi is revealed to have nyctophobia or fear of the dark.
  • It is unknown how long Joseph took to pay the rat some cheese to chew the wires, between after Black Yoshi insults him and the power going out.
  • This is the first and only time Joseph appeared without Junior and Cody.