The Car is the 22nd video of SML Shorts.


The gang decides to drain Mario's bank account and buy a car!


Mario is sleeping but his phone rings. When he answers it's Officer Goodman telling him he went bankrupt for buying a car. This confuses Mario and hears the car horn beeping. Mario goes outside and sees Big Red bird and Black Yoshi in the car. Mario wonders how they got his money Black Yoshi says he got one of his hats and told them to give him money.they all explain how they will drive but this made Mario even more mad. Shrek appears saying he bought cheesecake and Woody appears saying he bought some shrimps. Big Red says everyone was happy except for Mario, so Mario tells them to get out but they drive away. While Big Red drives, Mario yells at him but Big Red yells back. Big Red wonders if anyone feels bad. Shrek then has to take a crap so Black Yoshi said if he farts he will get out the car. Speedy gets on the gas pedal which caused swing theme to pass Mario tells them to stop the car but they kept driving which caused Teleban to blow up the car.



  • This video marks the only time Big Red, Shrek, and Woody interact in the same video.
  • A sequel was supposed to be made called SML Movies: The Car, but the idea got scrapped.
    • It is unknown why it was scrapped.

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