"The Dog Show!" is the 239th episode of SML Movies


Bowser Junior enters Chompy in a Dog Show!


Bowser Junior brags to Cody and Joseph about how his dog, Chompy, is the best dog in the world (mainly because he knows how to poop on the carpet). Suddenly, a dog show commercial comes on on TV. When Junior vows to enter Chompy into the competition, Joseph and Cody each go home to collect their dogs and do the same.

At the show, which is hosted by Brooklyn T. Guy, Cody's "dog" is revealed to be his Ken doll on a leash, while Joseph's is a dead dog skeleton named "Mr. Bones". Chompy and Mr. Bones are sent to the finals while Cody's Ken doll is eliminated. Other "dogs" presented include a hot dog presented by Jeffy and a piece of cooked dog presented by Jackie Chu; both of which are eliminated from the show.

During the trick competition, Mr. Bones is told to "stay" (a running gag of the episode, since Mr. Bones is dead thus cannot move) while Junior tells his dog to go and poop. Disgusted by this, Brooklyn T. Guy awards Mr. Bones the point.

The final segment of the show is the race. The dogs are set to race across the yard, with the dog finishing first being the winner. When the race starts, both dogs make no progress towards the finish line whatsoever: Mr. Bones, naturally, just sits and does nothing while Chompy begins biting Mr. Bone's leash and pooping. Both determined to win the race, Joseph and Bowser Junior run out and pick up their own dogs and run them to the finish line themselves. The race ends in a photo finish, but at this point, it doesn't matter since both were disqualified for picking up their dogs. As a result of the two being disqualified, Brooklyn T. Guy keeps the prize money for himself.



  • If you look closely, Chompy hit the fence first. So technically Junior won the competition, this makes it possible that the tie and D.Q. (Disqualified) was possibly added for comedy.
  • Jeffy brings back his censored profanity-laced rant from Jeffy's Homework!, but this time, there wasn't a fight between Jeffy and Brooklyn T. Guy.
  • In New House Tour! by SuperLuigiLogan it reveals the race was filmed in Logan's backyard of his new house.
  • This is the fourth time where Jeffy appears by himself. The first being Bowser Junior's Playtime 4, the second being Pokemon Part 6 and the third being Bowser Junior's Game Night 4.
  • This episode reveals that Joseph has a dead dog all along, thus we know now that his whole family is dead, with him also stating that his dogs alive could be another hint that Joseph has gone insane, like in Joseph's House!
  • The cooked dog that Jackie Chu had first appeared on Logan's Instagram page when he showed the viewers a piece of a chicken that resembled a dog while he was at a Chinese restaurant.


  • Brooklyn T. Guy says he is not a chef. But in Shrek's Bath Problem! he said when he was a locksmith he came back from his cooking job. It is possible that he forgot about it or he has a bad memory.