The Elevator! is the 204th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends get stuck in an Elevator on their way to meet Doofy The Dragon!


The video starts with Bowser Junior getting excited over watching Doofy the Dragon, but Joseph and Cody tell him that he does that every time they watch Doofy the Dragon and that it’s not that exciting anymore. Junior turns on the T.V. and a commercial comes on for a Doofy the Dragon meet and greet. Junior, Joseph, and Cody get excited and ask Chef Pee Pee to take them to the meet and greet, and Chef Pee Pee agrees to do so.

Junior and his friends are about to head to the car when Junior tells them that he has to use the bathroom. The trio see a sign that says that the bathrooms are on the second floor and they take the elevator upstairs. The elevator suddenly gets stuck and Junior, Joseph, and Cody all start freaking out. They try to pry open the door, but nothing happens. Junior then tries to press a bunch of buttons, but that doesn’t work either.

Junior gets an idea and asks Cody to give him his glasses. Cody asks why Junior why he needs his glasses, and he tells him that he’s going to use them to open the door. Cody refuses to give him his glasses, but Joseph tells him to just give them to Junior. Cody gives Junior his glasses and he throws them at the elevator door, but they bounce off the door and break when they reach the floor. Cody gets angry at Junior for breaking his glasses, but Junior says that he thought they would break the door. Cody tells Junior that the door is made of steel and calls him a retard. Junior then asks Joseph to give him his basketball, but Joseph says no because Junior will just throw it at the door (you know he will). Junior tells him that he won’t throw it at the door, and Joseph gives him his basketball, but Junior throws it at the door anyway (like he said that he would) and Joseph and Cody both get mad at him. He then asks Cody to give him Ken, but he thinks that he will throw Ken at the door.

Junior gets the idea to use their cell phones. Joseph and Cody forgot to bring their phones, but Junior has his phone. He tries to call for help, but his phone doesn’t have service. Junior holds his phone up in the corner of the elevator and he gets a signal, but he uses his phone to call Long John’s Pizza and orders a pepperoni pizza and asks for it to be delivered to the elevator. The Brooklyn T. Guy tells Junior that it will take about 15 minutes, and then the phone’s signal fails, ending the call. Cody and Joseph get angry at Junior for wasting their onle and only phone call on pizza, but Junior says that when Brooklyn T. Guy comes, he can help them open the door. Furious, Cody starts to beat up Junior and Joseph holds Cody back. Cody tells Junior that the 3 of them are going to die in the elevator because he was being an idiot. Junior then tells Cody that he’s not getting any pizza, and he beats up Junior again. When Joseph holds Cody back again, Junior goes on the other side of the elevator.

Junior then says that he has to pee really badly. Joseph and Cody tell him that he’s not going in the elevator, but Junior says he can’t hold it any longer. Junior then finds a cup in the corner of the elevator and says he can pee in it, but his friends think it’s disgusting. He says that he could either pee on the wall or in the cup, and he asks them where he should pee at. Cody and Joseph reluctantly let Junior pee in the cup. Junior goes to the corner and tells them not to look. Joseph turns around and looks, anyway and Junior tells Cody and Joseph to stop looking, but however, they weren’t looking at all. Junior reminds Cody that he usually does gay stuff (like he does always), but Cody tells Junior that he’s too pissed off at him to be gay.

Junior finishes peeing in the cup and Cody and Joseph start yelling at him to put it down. Junior accidentally spills a little bit of pee on the floor and Cody tells him to put it in the corner. The guys try to think of more ways to escape and Junior suddenly rams himself against the elevator door, but nothing happens. Junior asks Cody to give him Ken, thinking that Ken’s hunkiness will open the door. He then slams Ken against the door reiteratedly, but this is also proven to be ineffective.

The guys then find a Bop It on the floor. Junior tries to play the Bop It, but he’s not quick enough and only gets 1 point. Junior tries to use the Bop It to open the elevator, but he drops it in the puddle of pee. The trio start to get hungry, and Junior suggests that they eat Ken. Cody says that he’s not letting them eat Ken, but Joseph and Junior attack Cody and grab Ken. As Junior holds Cody down, he tells Joseph to eat Ken’s ass. While this is going on, The Brooklyn Guy arrives at the elevator and hears the commotion. Junior then realizes that they shouldn’t eat Ken, and that they should just drink his pee, but Cody and Joseph think that drinking pee is gross. Junior tells them that he’s really thirsty, so he’s going to drink his own pee.

The Brooklyn T. Guy then knocks on the elevator door and Junior drops the cup, spilling pee all over the floor. The Brooklyn Guy realizes that they need help and tells Junior, Joseph, and Cody to push the button that opens the door. Junior tells Brooklyn Guy that they tried that already, but Brooklyn Guy tells him that there’s a button that closes the elevator too. Junior then realizes that he pushed the wrong button. This causes Cody to beat up Junior for a 3rd time!

Back at the apartment, the trio is eating pizza and Junior is upset that they didn’t get to see Doofy the Dragon that day. Cody says that it was Junior’s fault, Joseph agrees,and Cody says that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Upset, Junior asks Cody if he wants the last slice of pizza. Cody accepts, but Junior throws the pizza at him and Cody beats up Junior, and the SML Question appears.



  • This is Doofy's first time where he doesn't kill himself in his show.
  • This is the first episode where Cody beats up Junior.
  • This is the 2nd episode where we see Cody without his glasses. The 1st episode was "The Burger!"
  • This is the 4th time we see the Brooklyn Guy as a pizza delivery man.
  • Cody says he doesn't want to be friends with Junior, possibly setting up a story arc.
  • The drawing that Bowser Junior drew from "Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!" can be seen in the fridge.
  • This is the 2nd time Bowser Junior doesn't get to see Doofy due to his own stupidity.
  • Logan and the crew nearly got in trouble while filming this video.
    • It was filmed at Chris Netherton’s college and a security guard heard the screaming and nearly kicked the crew out.


  • In Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!, Doofy said the Meet & Greet was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But the Meet & Greet reappeared in this video.