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Bowser Jr. Alt 2

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[previously on Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures] Bowser: -And him, we just became friends.

Mario: Oh well, I'm gonna kill you cause I have a gun and you have that little sword...thingy, Wait where's your sword?

  • Bowser: Ha-ha I threw it away. I don't need it to fight you. I have powers anyway.
  • Mario: Well I have a gun, and I'm gonna kill you!
  • Bowser: No you're not. Where's your gun, Mario?
  • Mario: (sees that he doesn't have the gun anymore) Aw, what?! Where's the gun? Where's the gun at, Bowser? How'd you do that?
  • Bowser: If you haven't noticed by now Mario, I have unbelievable powers. I can turn anybody evil. I can even bring people back from the dead. You said you wanted Luigi, right? Right? Here you go, Mario, here's Luigi. (Luigi just appears in a puff of smoke)
  • Luigi: Mario! Mario!
  • Bowser: (kills Luigi with a lightning bolt) Ah-ha! He's dead! Nobody can stop me. Nobody! Not even you, Mario. Not even Luigi.(kicks Luigi onto the ground)
  • Mario: No! Luigi! (sobbing) No! Luigi!
  • Bowser: He's not here anymore, Mario. I killed him. Now you're gonna die.
  • Mario: You know what Bowser?! Just kill me! I don't wanna live anymore. Just please. Kill me!
  • Bowser: Well, that's no fun. You actually WANT to die?
  • Mario: (sobbing) Yes! Just please, kill me!

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