"The Fly Problem!" is the 97th video of SML Movies.


There is a pesky fly bothering King Strongbottom! Only the master can kill it!


The episodes starts with Chef Pee Pee serving his father, King Strongbottom, a "royal" donut when he discovers a pestering fly has landed on it. Carlos swats at the fly and successfully gets it to go away. Strongbottom orders his son to come and fetch him another donut, afraid to eat the first one because of what the fly may have done to it. Before Chef Pee Pee can replace the donut, Carlos requests to have the first one. Strongbottom doesn't allow him to have it, while Pee Pee doesn't exactly care. Strongbottom gets his way, and Chef Pee Pee gets him a brand new donut. Carlos asks to eat the new donut, but Strongbottom still doesn't want him to have it. While they are busy arguing, the fly returns, and buzzes around the donut. Strongbottom angrily calls for Pee Pee, ordering him to call an exterminator to have the fly terminated. Chef Pee Pee swats at the fly and gets it to go away but Strongbottom continues to refuse to eat the donut because the fly touched it.

Bowser Junior hears a knock at the door and goes to answer it. He lets the exterminator inside, and Chef Pee Pee informs him of the fly. The exterminator initially refuses to kill the fly until Pee Pee makes up a story of a bounty on the fly set by his father. They enter the house, and the exterminator is unsure of how to locate the fly...until Junior easily finds it. Junior grabs a flashlight and tries to kill the fly but accidentally knocks out Chef Pee Pee instead. After the exterminator tells Junior he is unable to help Chef Pee Pee, he gets out his Raid bug killer to spray at the fly. Instead of killing the fly, the exterminator sprays it multiple times and actually causes it to increase in size. Unable to defeat it, the exterminator calls the "master fly killer" and tells him to come immediately.

Jackie Chu arrives at the house, along with his son, Jackie Twu. Jackie Chu introduces Junior and the exterminator to his son, contrasting how smart they all are. Jackie Chu sends his son to go and scout out the fly while the others wait. Jackie Twu locates the fly on the table, but Jackie Chu misses when he swings the flyswatter. The fly proceeds to land on Strongbottom's donut, but Jackie Chu continues to miss the fly. The fly disappears, and the others go to regroup and rethink the plan. Suddenly, Tom Brady appears, to the dismay of everyone else. He grabs the flyswatter and throws it at the fly, who instead catches it. Tom grabs several kitchen supplies and begins throwing them at the fly to no use. Meanwhile, the exterminator tells Jackie Chu to go and call the cops.

Chef Pee Pee wakes up and goes into the kitchen. He instantly becomes surprised and amazed when he sees Tom Brady, his hero. Before Tom can actually speak to Chef Pee Pee, he grabs him and throws him at the fly. Just then, Officer Goodman appears with his gun ready. He talks to Pee Pee before shooting the fly and killing it. Finally, he takes Strongbottom's donut as "evidence" and leaves. The exterminator demands pay, but Pee Pee is unwilling to compromise. Strongbottom and Carlos return to find the gun still laying on the table and the donut appears to be missing. Carlos picks up the gun and the screen goes black while a gunshot is heard.



  • Brooklyn Guy mentions having a show to host, referring to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  • Jackie Chu's son, who was born before the events of Bowser Junior's Summer School 4, appears as a young boy.
  • Jackie Chu claims Jackie Twu is two years old, although he was born in the series only a few months ago.
  • Based on how the video ends, it's possible that Carlos may have killed King Strongbottom with Goodman's gun.
  • Carlos's voice sounds different than it did in Chef Pee Pee's Family.
  • Logan revealed that this video is his least favorite video of 2015 on the post video of Mario's Turtle Problem.


  • Jackie Twu says that he would never like to have friends in this video, but in later videos, he seems to have made friends. He could have possibly changed his mind or Jackie Chu accepted him into having friends.


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