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    • The content in this page or section has been made non-canon to the main SuperMarioLogan universe.

"The Koopa Kids!" is the 87th video of SML Movies. This video was remade in 2016 as The Koopalings!


The Koopa Kids are annoying!


The episode starts off with Bowser watching Charleyyy and Friends. Someone calls Bowser saying that this is Sheila Perkins, which made Bowser get mad because he filed a restraining order on her.

Sheila asked for him to pay child support, which Bowser refused. Sheila said that she had more kids and needed thousands of dollars for child support.

Sheila then shows up at the door and says she has six illegitimate children. Sheila then enters the house using Bowser's permission.

Bowser told Chef Pee Pee to hide in the oven. Sheila wants a check for a hundred thousand dollars and if she gets the check, she will leave him alone and take the kids with her, but Bowser doesn't want to write an expensive check.

Sheila introduces the children one-by-one and explains how the kids are like their "father", with the exception of Rocky. Bowser is angry because he doesn't want to take care of the kids, but Sheila Perkins wants the check for a hundred thousand dollars for her to leave Bowser alone.

Then, Chef Pee Pee gets out of the oven and meets Sheila, who is suddenly attracted to Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee says he's gay and taken, as an excuse to not have Sheila as a girlfriend. Bowser notices kissing Chef Pee Pee, and wants her to get off Chef Pee Pee.

Sheila gets the check for a hundred thousand dollars, and says she'll get the kids. The kids are destroying Bowser Junior's playroom, which makes Junior tells on Bowser. Once they went to the playroom, Sheila Perkins said she'll get something out of the car and will be right back, but leaves with the check and leaves the Koopa Kids behind.



  • As the "To Be Continue" at the end of the video suggested, this was originally meant to get a continuing sequel series with the new Koopaling characters, but due to the move to the apartment, it was scrapped, and was later remade in 2016 called: The Koopalings!
    • So because of this, this video is considered non-canon as it was later remade in 2016.
  • It is revealed in this video that Bowser's real name is Robert.
    • This also means Bowser Junior's real name is Robert Junior.
  • This is Sheila's first and so far only appearance in an SML video.
  • As of March 23, 2016 this episode is no longer canon to the SML universe.
  • Wendy is voiced by Chilly Jimenez in this episode.
  • At 12:22, you can see a You're Next Blu-ray, a Jaws DVD and a Smallville DVD boxset  in the shelf.
  • Running Gag: Everytime Bowser Junior mentions Nick Jr, Bowser gets angry.


  • Shelia's voice and attitude makes a resemblance to Rasputia from the 2007 film Norbit.


  • Sheila is only seen with six Koopalings, when there are seven of them in the Mario series. However it's possible that Lemmy didn't exist at that time yet. Lemmy was later included in the remake of this video.
  • Sheila is not Bowser Junior's mother although she claims to be his mother. His mother is actually Peach.